The uniqueness of Italian Design

Why do we envy that bag or look at the shop windows for minutes?

Why do we have eager to buy that shoe? Why do we desperately want and wear it with pride afterwards? Maybe the world’s luxury market slows in crisis but despite the global economic crisis in 2014, the world’s luxury goods market grew and continued to be the driver for the growth. What about Italian design? What makes Italian design so special? Why is Italy a hotspot for luxury goods purchase? Today, it is a known fact that Italian design is something people are craving for. “It’s quite simple, we are the best” says Luigi Caccia – designer for Alessi Officina. And now, Italian design is considered equal with luxury.

Italy is the world’s third market for the luxury goods. But it is in the first place of luxury travel. So it is obvious that, it is not only the Italian shoppers buying the high-end goods, but also many tourists come every year for shopping, more than they go to other countries. But why is Italy so important in terms of design and luxury?

When we look at the luxury business, we will see a person of families behind the brand. Like Camillo Olivetti, Giorgio Armani, Gaspare Campari, Pietro Barilla, Enzo Ferrari and many others. These were not just investments, but also a touch of uniqueness and creativity. Being visionary and open-minded, these people and their families created strong brands which are unique in their areas. Their goal to be ‘one of a kind’ was more important than their profits. The ‘Italian quality’ should have been felt in every centimeter of the product. The companies have soul, because the owners treat them like their babies and this passion brought them vision to push the boundaries. That is how they became trend-setters; with passion and by taking risks.

So, when you look at the bag that you envy, you will see more than design. You will see the souls create with passion. You will see hands sewing carefully. You will see every detail of craftsmanship. You will not only see this ability of art, but also the culture and heritage behind. The culture is surrounded by history, art, fashion, wine, good food, warm people and inviting soul. History and creativity are the key words to understand here.

Combining all of these factors, now we can understand why many tourists are coming for Italian luxury. Yes, maybe you are here for shopping. But let’s get an espresso in that small café. Would you like to have a ‘gelato’ afterwards? Oh maybe you can stop to see that art exhibition or that famous museum? Let’s go to an ‘aperitivo’ and then eat pasta for dinner in a lovely restaurant. Surely nice people will welcome you there. And do not forget to taste the delicious wine with your meal.

So you bought a %100 Italian bag. And this will be a memory you will carry from the soul of Italy.