The special gift for an unforgettable bachelorette party

Jul 8, 2021

With the arrival of summer and the loosening of many of the restrictions that have so far conditioned our daily lives, there are many couples who decide to get married, and, among all the many things to do before a wedding ceremony,  the bachelorette party for the bride can't certainly miss.

Friends and witnesses of the bride organize an event or simply a quiet dinner in a beautiful setting, involving the bride in every activity, making her feel special and the protagonist of the evening. They prepare jokes, toasts, and even small and big gifts that the bride will then use on her wedding day or during her new life.

The choice of the gift, however, always remains a dilemma since the perfect present would be something beautiful and unique, an accessory that impresses and amazes the bride but, above all, an object that, despite the passing of time, brings back to the bride's mind the good goliardic and carefree moments spent all together in occasion of the bachelorette party.

Gleni, since always close to the desires of uniqueness living in the soul of every woman, has decided to create an item specifically for the bride, a special accessory exclusively dedicated to her and to her “dream day”.

It is the wallet ACC / 7 that, just for the bride, we have realized in genuine glossy white discoloured python. This model is a limited edition consisting of only 5 pieces, created specifically for all those who want to pay homage to the bride with a unique and precious item, always beautiful and flawless over the years.

Unlike an accessory of lingerie or a rich bouquet of flowers, that, although beautiful and appreciable, deteriorate over time, a genuine python wallet will never lose its beauty which, indeed, will consolidate over the years, when scales begin to open naturally giving prestige to the wallet itself and authenticating the genuineness of the genuine exotic leather. White colour will then remind the bride, even after many years, of that special occasion in which she received her gift and, in her heart, she will continue living those special and unique moments that saw her protagonist together with her best friends.

This special edition of ACC / 7 in Bridal white python won’t be published on our online boutique as usual but everyone who wishes to receive this wallet at home can make request:

- by e-mail, writing to;

- via WhatsApp, using the following number: 3737206057

- by phone, by contacting us at 0735 657565 from Monday to Thursday, from 10 to 13.

ACC/7 in bride white python preserves the same small dimensions, characteristics, internal compartments, and structure of the classic ACC/7 but it is characterized by being made entirely in discoloured glossy white python, "mirror effect" on its outside, while the internal section is lined with genuine cream leather.

The cost of wallet ACC / 7 in this special edition “Bride white” is € 110.00 VAT included. Shipping costs depend on the country we must ship the accessory to, but the item will arrive at your home already packaged with a gift package specifically for the bride and, therefore, enriched with bows and garlands. We will also provide you with the video of the moment we prepare the gift package in order to let you virtually participate to this moment.

What are you waiting for? Transform the bachelorette party of your sister or your dearest friend into a truly unique and magical moment: give her a wallet Acc / 7 in White Bride python leather: a small accessory in size but a big accessory in style and elegance ...

... And if you really can't resist the charm of this accessory but you don't want to diminish the precious uniqueness of your gift, don't worry ... we have also thought to you, creating some pieces of our models ACC / 4 and ACC / 5 in this special variant of white python, but hurry up… because we only have a couple of pieces available for anyone of these two models!

Gleni, always by your side ... even on special occasions