Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, with some exceptions:

- Ivory Coast

- California (we cannot ship articles made of python, but there are no restrictions for other articles)

All shipments with destinations outside of the EU must be accompanied by a CITES certificate. For more information, refer to the FAQ section.


What is the processing time for packages?

The processing time of an order depends on its destination and method of payment. Once payment is received and verified (an action that usually takes around 48 hours), a package with an Italian or European Union destination (Switzerland excluded) is shipped in 1-4 days. A package with a destination outside the EU requires more time. In fact, for shipment outside of the EU, Gleni requires 7-10 days processing time: the package must be accompanied by a CITES certificate that needs a few days to be produced. For more information, refer to the FAQ section.


The shipment will be delievered with…?

For our shipments we trust in the services of Poste Italiane, SDA and Fedex depending on the destination.


How much is shipping?

The cost of shipping varies from the place of destination, the size of the package, and the weight of it.

Italy – shipments starting from € 10,80

Europe – shipments starting from € 20,70

Outside of EU – shipments starting from € 65,00


The shipment will be insured?

Certainly. Every shipment that we make is insured.

The price of insurance is already included in the price of the shipment.


What are the delivery times?

Although delivery times vary from place of destination:

Italy – 48 hours + the day of shipment. An additional day for shipments to islands and surrounding areas.

Europe – 3-5 working days + day of shipment.

Outside of EU – 7-10 working days + day of shipment.


Do I need to pay custom fees?


As explained in the Terms and Conditions of the Online Boutique, the customer will need to pay the customs taxes for the country of destination.

All of the customs taxes in the country of origin (Italy), will be paid by Gleni.


My package will arrive with a Cites certificate.  Will I need to personally intervene in the customs clearance or will the package arrive directly to my home?

Generally, the package arrives directly to the home of the customer, without having to intervene in the process of customs clearance.

However, if the customs of the destination country found it necessary, the customer would need to intervene in the process, most times with a simple phone call, or rarely in some other way.

Unfortunately, it does not depend on us and we cannot foresee it in advance.

The Gleni team will remain available for you until the package arrives. And beyond.




If I changed my mind on an article, can I return it?

Yes. As provided by law, you have 14 days from the date of receipt of the product to return the item.


How should I return an article?

The item must be returned in the same condition in which it was received, including any sack which the bag came in.

You will contact Gleni by telephone or e-mail to inform of your decision.

Gleni will schedule a pick up directly to your home.

Alternatively, you can ship the package yourself (we suggest using an insured service).


When will I receive the refund?

Once your package is received and the integrity of the article is verified, we will complete the refund within the 14 days following.


I want to return an item, but I come from an area outside of the EU. What do I do?

The situation for customers outside of the EU is slightly more complicated.

Once the package is received, to return the article, you must request a new CITES certificate to the competent authority in your country. You will need to complete all of the steps necessary for the shipment of an article of exotic leather to a European country.

For this reason, we highly recommend to our customers outside of the EU to be 100% sure before completing a purchase. We at Gleni are available to provide all of the information and additional necessary photos.




Are your items covered by warranty?

Our articles are covered by the warranty provided by law. If a defect in conformity should arise in the first 6 months, Gleni will need to either justify or repair the article. After 6 months, the customer will need to prove the defect of non-conformity.


This warranty will be applied only upon proper use of the article:

The proper use of the article includes these rules:

1.       The first rule for the proper use of the article is to use common sense. Without the presence of this, all other rules will be in vain.

2.       Do not leave the article exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

3.       Do not leave the article near heat sources.

4.       Do not expose the bag to strong or inclement weather.

5.       Do not use solvents or skin creams to clean the bag. They will damage the leather beyond repair. If it gets dirty, use a damp cloth. Leave it to dry naturally.

6.       Avoid forcing the bag in any way, distorting its shape.

For more information, refer to


Should the customer claim issues originating from the lack of respect for these rules, Gleni will not be required to provide a warranty.