Attention to detail for a top quality product

Dear Customer, today we’d like to take you with us on a lightning  visit to one of our artisans’ workshops. Don’t expect to see great automatic machines carrying out repetitive tasks ad infinitum, nor imagine an endless production line a mile long, where products are carried past so quickly that the workers only just have time to complete their allotted task.


It is true that automatic sytems are at the forefront of technology and can often be very useful: they allow many actions to be carried out in a short space of time and so greatly improve the production times and quantities produced.


However, if you came to one of our workshops, you would discover a completely different world, which perhaps would be new to you, but in actual fact has carried on its traditional work in the same way for years and even centuries of history. It is a world motivated by something much stronger and more powerful than electricity and machines: we’re talking about human passion here. The passion of people like Giorgio, who you can see here carefully cutting out a piece of leather for a design from one of our handbag collections; people with a huge love for their work and  with years of ecperience in this prestigious sector:  of exotic skins and all the products that can be made with them, like the handbags, belts, wallets and shoes, which you have probably been admiring on our websites.


Why have we decided to reveal this secret of ours to you? There is a simple and important answer to that: we want.. what am I saying!... we passionately wish for you to understand how we create all the products that we sell, as only then can you completely appreciate the beauty of each finished piece, not just in how it looks but in its exceptional quality. No one piece is exactly the same as another, but each one is equally valuable and precious. So it will be up to you to decide which bag you like the most, but whichever you choose you can be sure that it will be perfect, as Giorgio and his colleagues will never let a piece leave their workshop if they are not totally satisfied with it, knowing that we wouldn’t be either, as we demand only the very best for you and for all our customers!



Besides, if we aren´t disposed to buy this product, why should we expect you to be?

Now let´s have a look at why we think our Gleni Boutique is the best and, above all, safest place for you to buy your exotic leather handbags and accessories.

  • Because the handbag you select will have all the certificates legally required for the sale of exotic leather products, so you will be helping to safeguard animal species that are under threat extinction. Never buy exotic leather products that don´t have the relevant certificates and documents to prove that the skins come from a sustainable source!
  • Because you will be able to choose from a huge range of handbags and accessories that are available in our Gleni Boutique, where EVERYTHING (everything without exception) is entirely made in Italy.
  • Because all the handbags on dispay in our Gleni Boutique are made exclusively for you, in the hands of our skilful Italian artisans who bring a real passion to their craft. All our products are completely artisan made.
  • Because, to help you make an easier and better decision when you are choosing your handbag, all the photos displayed on the product page are photos taken of the actual, individual handbag that you will receive once you order it. As you look through the photos you are seeing the very same bag that we will then send to you at home. In this way you can see exactly what you are buying and there will be no surprises or disappointments when you take delivery of your purchase.
  • Because all our staff will assist you with the choice of your handbag and in making your purchase every step of the way. We will never advise you to buy a product just to achieve a sale, you can be completely sure of that! Our products are expensive and not very simple to despatch as they require a rather long and complex export process with detailed documentation; for this reason they are also quite complicated to return to us, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We prefer to have fewer customers who are completely satisfied with the product they receive, than many dissatisfied ones, and so we take the time to help you make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.
  • Because you are ordering your handbag directly from the Italian artisans who make it, wherever you are in the world.
  • Because you will have an exotic leather handbag (or professional bag in natural vegetable tanned leather) of extremely high quality, as every skin used to make our products is carefullly selected from the very best tanneries. We only use the best skins, so that we can guarantee you a bag that is worth spending money on.
  • Because your handbag will have the same elegance and prestige as the designer brand handbags on display at the latest fashion shows, with the exact same quality at a much more affordable price.


Still want to know more before proceeding with your purchase? Read on to get to know us better and truly understand the quality we are offering you.


Gleni specializes in luxury exotic leather goods, producing, promoting, advising and selling top quality handbags and accessories. More than any other company Gleni understands every aspect of the production and trade of exotic leather products in depth: the latest colors, the quality of the skins, the documentation essential for selling and exporting these products overseas.

Are you tired of seeing handbags that all look the same, which even though they are expensive and have a designer logo, don´t look very different from what everyone else is wearing, all in the same color dictated by the fashion of the moment,without allowing you any possibility of choosing a bag that will really suit you, leaving out of consideration the latest fashion trends?

We don’t impose any restrictions on you: you are completely free to choose the color you like best, as well as the style, the leather and the model of your handbag.

Fashion doesn´t shape you; it is you who creates fashion, your own fashion.

We have everything you need: fashion items, the latest trendy colors, but also handbags and accessories whose beauty and originality won´t fade over time, products without a “sell-by date”. We can offer you over a hundred different models of handbag: classic, modern, elegant, casual, big or little. Here you will find all that you need and, if you like, we can help you every step of the way with your choice.

Craftsmanship, passion for each creation, attention to detail: every phase of the production process is carried out on the spot, entirely, 100% in Italy.

Obviously we don´t have pythons and crocodiles living in Italy! The one thing we can´t promise you is an Italian crocodile! Everything else, though, is of genuine Italian origin. Even the tanning and dyeing of the skins take place here in Italy.

We solely and exclusively use the best, carefully selected Italian tanneries, which are also used by some of the most illustrious Italian fashion houses. So you too can purchase a superb exotic leather handbag, perhaps made with the same wonderful leather as those carried by some of the top celebrities, just as beautiful and of the same excellent quality, but at a much more reasonable price.

Your handbag will be created in the hands of our skilled Italian artisans and sent directly to you, without any intermediate steps, but if you don´t like the color we have available in our Boutique, you can order directly from our master leatherworkers and we will do our very best to help you, putting ourselves completely at your disposition as the link between you and our artisans, so that you can feel as close as possible to the making of your handbag.

The photo of the handbag displayed on its product sheet shows the very same handbag that will be delivered to your door. Our staff prepare each photograph carefully, so that you can see as clearly as possible the handbag that you are about to purchase. If, say, today we have a gorgeous, red ostrich handbag on sale, and then a few days later it is sold and replaced with a similar handbag that is of the same model, color and leather, you can be sure that photos of the new handbag will be taken and posted in our Gleni Boutique to replace the ones of the previous bag, even though, at first glance, the bag may look the same.

It will only be at the first glance that you have that impression anyway, for as you look closer you will soon notice that no two or our bags are ever exactly the same. And this is another big advantage that you will benefit from when buying one of our handbags: you can be sure that you will be receiving something that is truly unique!

The despatch procedure for our exotic leather handbags really is quite complicated, becasue, as we have explained earlier, each item needs to have very detailed and precise documentation.

At this point you may well think: if it is long and complicated to send the goods, then it will be even more so for me, if I want to return my order because I’m not happy with it!!!! This is in fact the case and excatly for that reason our staff take the greatest of care when choosing each item to display in our Gleni Boutique, removing from sale any item that has even the smallest imperfection that could end up disappointing our customers. We carefully check all the stitching, the hardware, every zipper and each internal pocket to make sure everything is well made. When we despatch our products we want to be completely sure of what we are selling, sure that our customers will be satisfied and happy with their purchase, and if to guarantee that we need to check everything minutely and occasionally sacrifice an item that is almost, but not quite, perfect enough, well we are proud to do so!!!

Our company organizes the despatch of each product ourselves. Our handbags are never squashed all together inside one package and we never use packaging that is too small, to avoid the bags being pulled out of shape and ruined in transit. Each item, before being put into the large outer box, is first wrapped in a special protective paper, then put into one of our red cloth bags, which protects the bag and prevents any damage to the fine leather, whose prestige and quality deserves the very best treatment.

Your purchase will be delivered directly to your door by one of our trusted courier companies, who have worked with us for many years and are expert in their sector and known for their punctuality and speedy delivery service. At the moment that the package containing your purchase is despatched, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number, a code which you can use by linking to the courier company’s website, to find out at any moment of the day where your package is and work out more easily when it will arrive. Gleni exclusively uses two international courier companies, renowned globally for their reliability and efficiency: Fedex and DHL.

If you still would like to know more, before you go ahead with your purchase, please phone us on +39 0735657565 or send us an e-mail and we will be very happy to help you and answer all your questions!