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Minerva Curtus python bag in brilliant turquoise tonality

  • Item:  10000017269

Genuine woman python bag having a squared shape and a soft line.

Minerva is closed by a small python internal flap provided with snap button, while its two short handles, flat and well structured, are well attached to the bag thanks to four circular gold metal buckles.

The handbag we are proposing you is a prototype and belongs to a collection we have been working on since a while but that we can’t consider as finished yet. This collection will be exclusively realized on demand according to the tastes and the requests of the customer. However, we have decided to put this prototype up for sale at an exclusive price, given that, for this item, you will only pay the leather used for its realization.

This prototype has the following imperfections: 

- Not all the hardware used has the same tonality ( light gold, gold, silver);

- Handles are flat and not padded ( our next models will be provided with more padded handles);

- Its shape is a little imperfect;

- The hardware used here is a test material that we usually don't use for our handbags.


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The item, whose sizes are cm. 29x24x14, is provided with two internal compartments, wide and comfortable, divided by a third zippered compartment, elegantly lined in beige nappa, where a lateral zippered document pocket and a practical pocket for the cell-phone (both made in beige nappa), have been inserted.

Curtus Back Cut python skin in the refined Brilliant Turquoise tonality (with big central scales and small rounded scales at the sides) has been used for the realization of this item. In the tanning process, python leather assumes a mat turquoise bottom colour, more accentuated in the central section, where scales are wider, while, at the sides, the natural texture of python has been recreated with light contrasting circles in hazel tonality and dark brown streaks. Everything has been then enriched by a metallized turquoise finishing that better define the borders of every scale, giving the leather a brilliance and transforming the bag into an original and glamorous accessory, even in the linearity and sobriety of its shapes.

  • Article
  • Leather type
    Genuine python
  • Scientific name
    Python Breitensteini
  • Manufacturing
    Handcrafted - Made in Italy
  • Dimensions
    cm 29x24x14
  • Lining
    Genuine leather
  • Compartments
    Two compartments divided by a third zippered compartment
  • Model
  • Closure
    Internal flap with snap button
  • Color
    Light blue
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Category
    Snakeskin handbag
  • Handles
    Two short flat handles
  • Brand
  • Google Product Category
    3032 - Clothing & Accessories > Handbags, Wallets & Cases > Handbags

Product questions

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Our products are handcrafted and so that every creation will never be identical to the other. Every item is to be considered unique. When we sell the item, it won’t be remade perfectly identical and moreover, we don’t guarantee that it will be remade soon.
Small imperfections on the leathers are not to be considered flaws but peculiarities of the leather which show the authenticity of the exotic leather used for the manufacture of the item. 
For an Extra EU destination, this bag requests a Cites certification.

For extra EU purchase and shipping, the authority in charge has to emit a CITES certification. The information that will be considered are the following: 

Common name: Python Curtus
Scientific name: Python Breitensteini
Country of origin: Malaysia
Licence of the country of origin: WL(PP)0061/11 dated 8/03/11
Country of provenance: Malaysia
Licence of the country of provenance: WL(PP)0061/11 dated 8/03/11
Appendix: II
Source: W
Attached document: B

The collection we are working on and of which we are presenting you a prototype, includes some models that are very important for us because they are the latest creations ideated by the Gleni founder, Mr. Arben Qoku, that he personally cared and approved and that today, after some years since his death, we want to further improve, in order to make every model simply unique.

Like all the prototypes, even this one has its imperfections and defeats we are already working on, but, putting it up for sale, even if at a really exclusive price (because once perfectionated and ready, its market price will be at least three times the one appearing here), we desire including you too in our project and test your opinions, your suggestions and, why not, even your critics. Everything will help us to better our big goal.