Luxury, a word of a thousand meanings

There are many definitions and meanings that lie behind the word LUXURY.

If you consult Wikipedia you will find this definition:

"Luxury is a habit of consumption of a high range of quality and cost. It is a lifestyle and behavior that favors the purchase and/or consumption of products and objects, often unneeded…"

thus, something excessive and unnecessary.

However, not everyone has a negative conception of luxury.

For many people this term represents the pleasure in obtaining the maximum level of satisfaction that a product or service can offer, whether it be bags, cars, homes, trips or other types of goods and exclusive services.

Luxury implies quality and extreme care for details on every level, from the materials used in the production to the final workings of the product and client interaction.

A luxury product is a distinctive product, crafted scrupulously down to the smallest detail. An exclusive product that gives a feeling of bliss, arising from senses indulged by the experience of a special product.


For us at Gleni the term Luxury is summed up in 4 concepts:



Exclusivity: the pleasure to hold in your hands something unique, produced in small quantities and not in series, and to be therefore the only ones to have it.

Excellence: with quality raw materials, extreme care for details and the use of highly qualified personnel.

Emotion: feeling you have as you experience a luxurious product. The pleasure derived from the maximum satisfaction of your expectations.

Quality of service: attention to client needs and creating an environment most favorable to the client.


Considering all of the information gained in this paragraph, it becomes obvious why a luxury good has a higher cost in respect to a good of average quality.

Such cost has nothing to do with the question of privilege or status, not even with excess. It is simply, that a product extraordinary and of high quality, as such, involves substantial funding, extended production times, employment of highly qualified personnel and a considerable creative effort.


Quality + Creativity + Emotion = LUXURY