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"Gleni - Borse e accessori in pelle"
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S. Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italia
Gleni S.r.l.
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The Gleni handbags and accessories company is proud to accompany you on this wonderful voyage of discovery to show you some of the most elegant and prestigious handbags and accessories in the world.

Our products are crafted with expert care and attention by our experienced Italian artisans, who personally take care of every detail and accessory which goes into the making of our leather bags and accessories, so that each piece is special and exquisitely finished. As you know, Italian craftsmen are world-renowned for the exceptional quality of their leather goods. Their trademarks have long been synonymous with style and elegance, which come not only from their lifestyle, but also from their world outlook. Their elegance is due not only to their skilled craftsmanship: – it is art at its purest level.

Our products are 100% Made in Italy and we only use the most carefully selected leathers to make our handbags. Our priority is to assure our customers a product of exceptional quality, something special and exclusive which they won't be able to find anywhere else! In fact, our products are only sold in the most upmarket retail outlets.

We aim to provide our customers with the best of Italian design and quality, recognizably “Made in Italy”, and to give them unbeatable value-for-money.

Our mission is the constant improvement of the quality of our products. Our goal is to make perfect handbags which will last a life-time and will always be appreciated by our customers. Our handbags are not only beautiful and elegant on the outside, they show their true quality in the excellent finishing of the inside too. You only have to open one of our handbags, to realize that you are looking at a masterpiece, where everything is perfect, every detail has been carefully thought out and crafted and the leather too is of the highest quality.


We only use the best quality zippers and press-studs which are embellished with shining rhinestones. Our decorative buckles are wonderful works of art in themselves, covered with pearls and strass crystals, perfect for the elegant and sophisticated woman.

Some of our handbags are also decorated with stunning pendants, made of rhinestones, pearls and gold chains.

All the products displayed in our Gleni Boutique are available for immediate dispatch and can be shipped in a very few days (just requiring the time to prepare all the documents necessary for the export of these goods). So you won't have to wait long to have one of these treasures delivered to your door and enjoy the feeling of well-being, youthfulness and style that they bring you.

We are confident that your senses will immediately be captivated by these “special creations” because our products are not only beautiful and elegant; they are the ultimate expression of Italian tradition and history: the history of craftsmanship and of true style that is MADE IN ITALY!

The high quality of the internal fitting and lining of our bags is also reflected in the stylish accessories we use to complete the handbag, and put the finishing touches to its elegance and beauty.