What to give on Christmas? GLENI’s gift guide.

What to give on Christmas? The suggestions of GLENI’s staff.

Like every year, Christmas is about to knock at our doors: decorations in the cities start to light up, streets have a magical atmosphere and it is also time to start looking for the perfect present and surprise our loved ones. We from GLENI believe that every gift must adapt to the personality of the receiver, for this reason we decided to share with you our proposals.

Four different personalities, with their own memories, who live Christmas in different ways, are ready to give you some advices to give an emotion to the people you love.

Christmas gift guide

TATIANA – The magic of Christmas

“What does Christmas mean to me? It’s the time when miracles can happen! (And I truly believe it). When I was a child I was looking forward for Santa to bring me gifts. The discovery that the presents under the tree were actually left by my parents and not by him did not change my faith at all: anything can happen, even the impossible.
I love the snow on Christmas night, the red colours, being with my loved ones and looking at them, next to the tree, while they open their gifts. I love being able to forget all the problems for one day and being happy only because it’s Christmas! And I truly believe that the saying “Christmas brings out the best in us” is actually true!

For Christmas I like to receive something I can immediately use to spend the holidays at best. If you have an emotional friend, who loves the magic of Christmas, these are the presents I recommend:

  1. Book. Perfect to read in front of the fireplace while outside is snowing. If you want something Christmas-related, I advise you to read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. It’s a timeless classic that everyone should read, especially at Christmas! You can find it on Book Depository. Book Depository also offer a section dedicated to festive reads, you can check it here.
  2. Cozy red sweater. To wear immediately to stay warm. There are many options, from this cachemire sweater by Mansur Gavriel that you can find on Net-a-porter to this oversize one by Asos.Red crocodile bracelet
  3. Netflix subscription. So you can watch Christmas movies or romantic comedies and devote yourself to the emotions! On Netflix you can easily find the right movie for you.
  4. Bath bombs. There’s nothing better than pampering yourself with a bath! The famous bath bombs from Lush are great. The company offers different Christmas editions, like “Golden wonder”, a bath bomb in the shape of a gift pack!
  5. Between Gleni’s proposals, I would definitely choose an exotic leather bracelet. The ones in red crocodile and gold python are perfect for Christmas holidays! I would add a note containing a special wish, that would give the present a deeper meaning. In this way, the person that will receive the gift will look at it in a new light by thinking about the meaningful words.

EKATERINA – A Christmas in the spirit of relax

“To me Christmas has just one meaning: relax! I’ve never loved Christmas parties around the city, I prefer to stay at home and surround myself by people I love, taking time for myself. There’s nothing better than relaxing by reading a good book, in pyjama, sipping a warm tea. If you have a friend that, like me, doesn’t like social life at Christmas and says goodbye to stress, these are the perfect presents:

  1. Mermaid tail blanket. Cold winter comes with Christmas. Why not warm up with a special blanket, that will make you feel like Ariel from “The little mermaid”? You can find many models and colours online, but I suggest you look on Etsy for a more artisanal version.
  2. Candle. Candles create the right atmosphere for the holidays for sure! The most famous candles in the U.S., Yankee Candles, are my favourite. To the ones who love holiday scents, I recommend “Christmas Magic”, while to the ones who prefer more “natural” scents, that still remind of winter holidays, I suggest you try “Perfect Tree”. Love it, I bought it many times!
  3. Colouring book. If you want to take some time off, relax and train your brain, colouring books are perfect! Art therapy is a good help to regain your balance. You can find many on Amazon, like this one for Christmas lovers.
  4. A good tea is an essential! I recommend Kusmi Tea, which has a long and super luxury history. It was the tea of the Tsars of Russia! For Christmas, they propose a precious and elegant package. For the ones who want a classic option, Bouquet of Flower n°108 is the Share the delicacyright choice. It was one of Tsar Nicholas II’s favourites! It tastes really good, you must try it!
  5. Between GLENI’s proposals, I recommend “Share the delicacy”, a matching set with wallet and case in a soft colour. Even if I don’t particularly like leaving the building in the Christmas Holidays, it sure happens to go out really quick for some errands: with a wallet like this one, handy and spacious, I don’t need anything else. It will certainly contain my documents, cash, keys and it will become a sophisticated daytime clutch. The case can be used as a fun “trousse” to contain my essentials for the Christmas period, like glasses, pens or hand cream!


CRISTINA – A Christmas full of surprises

“I’ve always seen Christmas as a magical moment, where monotony and little problems of daily life seem to vanish in view of the festive and joyful atmosphere.
I remember that, when I was little, I used to sit down with my sister with pen and paper and to draw up with her a list of the gifts we wanted to receive. Then, on Christmas day, with our hearts throbbing with joy, we unwrapped all the gifts from the list and we screamed of joy for every present.
That adrenaline and that mood for surprises are still present even if I grew up and every year I anxiously wait for the 25th of December to find out, with the same enthusiasm of when I was a kid, what “Santa” has left under the tree, fantasizing about what each gift is containing.

It is precisely because I’m the one to get emotional and enthusiastic every year at Christmas that I want my loved ones, relatives or friends, to live the same feelings as me every time they receive a present.

I love being surprised by the gift I receive and I love to surprise the person that receives my gift.

If you’re like me and you want to give something that will surprise someone, these are my recommendations:

  1. Picture frame. Like these one from Thun, an Italian company which produces interior decoration items and gift ideas. It is a high-quality present, perfect to match with every style of furniture, from classic to modern, where you can frame a special moment of your life.
  2. Jewels. I love the ones from Swarovski’s Christmas collection. A precious and shiny present, unique and original, to light up the look of your loved one.Share the Elegance
  3. Lipstick. Rouge Dior collection is great: you can choose between 999, an unmistakable red tonality, or darker matte colours like 962 Poison Matte. You will give an important and appreciated gift, whoever is the woman who receives it. The company offers also limited edition lipsticks for Christmas with a luxury packaging, like Diorific Khol.
  4. Perfume. For the ones who love receiving perfumes, I recommend “Chance” Eau de parfum from Chanel. Available in different fragrances, from the fresh and dynamic to the delicate one.
  5. Giving a luxury accessory can be considered a demonstration of love. What about expressing yourself with the “Share the elegance matching set? It is composed of the refined Lady handbag in white silver python with pearled effects on the surface and of the beautiful ACC/7 wallet, in silver python. It is a great Christmas gift, especially if the woman receiving it loves luxury products, 100% Made in Italy and who can recognize the artisanal quality and the passion that is behind every piece, created to last in time. Spacious and elegant the bag, little and handy the wallet: the matching set cannot but represent the perfect present that every woman (including me) would like to receive from her partner or friend.

SERENA – Christmas in a suitcase

“I’ve always had beautiful Christmases, with the people I love. But, thinking about that period, I cannot help but remember a request I used to make to my parents and that, between one thing and another, was never fulfilled. “I want to go to Paris!” – I used to say, fascinated by the lights of the Tour Eiffel, by Disneyland and by the beautiful places I used to watch on television. Growing up, my wish came true and Paris is the city of my heart, but the desire to travel and discover new places and breathe new cultures didn’t disappear. If you want to give an emotion and let your friend, partner or sister who love to travel live beautiful sensations, this is what I recommend:

  1. Experience gift from Smartbox. It surely is the present for people who love short breaks. There’s plenty of choice: from weekends in Europe to pampering breaks. You can buy them on the official site.
  2. Polaroid Camera. What’s better than a camera to capture the place you love and the most beautiful moments of your life? If you want to relive the good old days, the polaroid camera allows you to relive the naturalness and imperfection of snapshots!
  3. Scratch off map. Clever idea, it is a map that allows to remove the foil layer of the places you’ve already visited. It won’t only be a beautiful way to decorate your walls, but it will also keep track of your journeys! You can find it on Amazon.
  4. Moleskine. It might be an agenda or a notebook, it will be always appreciated by travellers. There are people who love to have a travel diary, those who love to carefully organise their trips and people who never give up to paper and pen to write down names and places. Morever, the company offers special notebooks dedicated to different cities, where you can Share the fantasyfind maps, public transport, useful addresses etc.
  5. And between GLENI’S proposals, what would I pick? I would definitely choose “Share the fantasy” matching set.
    First of all, it is good to have a wallet that it’s not only beautiful, but also handy and spacious. How many times, during a travel, have you lost coins on the streets? Or maybe you don’t have space in your wallet to put your tickets, so you throw them into your bag, taking forever too find them later. With a wallet from GLENI, it will no longer be an issue. They are provided of many compartments in genuine leather that will keep your documents, cash or cards in total safety.
    The mirror is a must-have for every woman, especially during a trip. Are you in a hurry and you want to fix your make up in the subway? A mirror will be a valuable ally to help you look and feel at your best. Moreover, the beautiful colour will cheer up even the greyest day!”

We hope that our ideas gave you suggestions and we wish you good luck for your Christmas shopping! Don’t forget to visit our “Share the emotion” Christmas section, where you will find many special products that will surprise your loved ones!

*This is not a sponsored blog post. All the advices and products are the result of personal opinions of the team GLENI.

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  1. Camille- Paisley Grace Boutique

    My son’s girlfriend just got him that scratch-off map as he will be studying abroad in Barcelona this spring. It is such a wonderful, unique gift! I love all your other ideas as well…wish I had seen this before Christmas, but there’s alway next year. 😉 Thanks for posting.

    1. serena Post author

      Dear Camille,

      We are glad that you liked our ideas!
      Barcelona is a wonderful city 🙂

      Thank you for your comment!

      Best regards,


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