We thank the butterflies


“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies”


Fortunately, everything changes and butterflies do exist.

Changes play a part in each of our daily lives and also Gleni has chosen to spread its wings and indulge in new life.

Inspired by butterflies and overwhelmed by the desire to spread our wings, we have decided to radically change the background color, going from a dark – albeit beautiful- burgundy to a brilliant white, a symbol of purity and hope for the future.

Lovers of red, however, need not despair: we decided to keep our historic color in the details of the new site – on menu borders and various buttons.

The new layout makes navigating the site, and searching for items, much faster and easier, featuring a preview of the article you are looking for, even before you open it.

Furthermore, we have added a convenient filter for all those who are looking for something specific and not interested in other models.

And that’s not all! Below the title of each article, you will find #hashtags, clicking on which you will be able to see all of the products belonging to that category.

However, the site is still in the process of change, so we will be happy to hear your opinions and above all we would like to know about your first experiences on the site, if you are experiencing difficulties or if you have encountered errors.

But the news does not stop here!

In the full spirit of change, we have designed a new collection, which is taking shape right now in these days.

And when new bags arrive in the boutique, we celebrate: much noise, many new bags and possibly even a little disorder is what you will see in our shop at Via Risorgimento n° 43 in San Benedetto del Tronto.

This time, we wanted to get closer to forms, essences and new souls, adding to our already extensive collection, models from lines never before seen from Gleni.

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