Wallets, what passion!

The life of a woman is every day bombarded with dates, deadlines, appointments and reminder notes that each of us cherish even when the appointment has long since passed.

And where do all of these little notes flock to? Naturally inside of our wallets! Small or large, practical or elegant, the wallet is for us women much more than a simple accessory for storing our cash or credit cards. It is a secret treasure chest within which we find much of our lives, our dearest affections, our most intimate day-to-day.Red python leather wallet

To deprive a woman of a wallet amounts nearly to depriving her of her truest essence, because, often, it is precisely within this small and versatile accessory that are enclosed all of her most beautiful and precious things, small items of priceless sentimental value which she never ever could do without.

If men view the wallet as a practical container for banknotes and cards of various types and are therefore always in search of an article small in size and decidedly handy, we women choose our wallets not only on the basis of outward appearance (which certainly must impress and fully satisfy our sense of taste) but also, and especially, on the basis of inner capacity, the number of compartments, the presence or absence of transparent document pockets (which when necessary turn into photo frames) and size of the article itself.

Gleni understands well the needs of women and knows perfectly well that, although almost everyone aims to transform their wallets into a sort of mini handbag where everything gets put, each has her own taste about this accessory, her preferred model which she does not want to give up.

This is why we have created various types of women’s wallets in ostrich, crocodile and python (the latter displayed in the boutique in a wide range of stylish colors and finishes), taking care to create solid and compact models yet varied in size, space and structure, seeking in this way to meet and to please the tastes and needs of every woman, even the most demanding.

The models of women’s wallets that we list for you here have so far enjoyed positive praise by our female customers because they join the elegance and refinement of exotic leather with the comfort and durability of calfskin interiors; articles well refined in the seams where every detail is entrusted to the care and mastery of expert Italian artisans.

Wallet Acc/1 is surely the largest and most comfortable model of our collection, and, for short trips, is often used as a substitute for the traditional handbag, due to the presence of many inside pockets (two of which are closed by a zipper), that retain documents, banknotes and coins. The article is also well equipped with 6 compartments for credit cards, all of it protected by a wide frontal flap closed by an automatic snap.

Wallet Acc/1 measures 19x11x3cm.Python wallet ACC1


Model Acc/2 embodies the classic model of a women’s wallet, equipped in its interior with several pockets for credit cards, three compartments for banknotes (one zippered), a pocket for coins closed by automatic snap and two pockets finished in transparent fabric for retaining your identity documents.

The measurements of wallet Acc/2 are the following: 17x11x4cm.Women's wallet Acc-2


Wallet Acc/3 has a more compact size than the Acc/2. It measures in fact 15x11x4cm, while still ensuring you the same performance and comfort of the previous article. This model has a classic and elegant line and is equipped with pockets for credit cards, two document pockets, a large compartment for banknotes and a cozy pocket, closed by automatic snap, for coins.Python wallet for women


Similar to Article Acc/1 but with a slightly more narrow and elongated line, is the model Acc/4, a highly refined and well finished wallet, equipped with a pocket of two zippered compartments, several pockets for credit cards and compartments for documents. The dimensions of wallet Acc/4 are20x10x3cm.Luxury python wallet ACC 4


Wallet Acc/6 instead features a structure quite different than the other models, given that, it is not fitted with flaps but has one external compartment for coins, closed on three sides by a zipper, and has an inner section that opens thanks to an automatic snap. The interior is composed of 6 pockets for credit cards, 4 pockets for identity cards and one compartment for banknotes.Original women’s wallet ACC/6 in genuine python leather


Small in structure and size (13x10x2cm), but very practical for those who love to have beside them a wallet linear and discreet, for putting the essentials, is the model Acc/7, an accessory of style, a focus of elegance and comfort. Equipped with the classic external flap (closed by automatic snap), the interior of wallet Acc/7 is composed of a transparent pocket for identity cards, multiple pockets for credit cards or business cards, a small pocket closed by snap for coins and a large compartment for banknotes.Python leather wallet Acc-7


The last model that we propose to you (but certainly not least) is wallet Acc/8, a compact article but which encapsulates all the comforts that a woman expects to receive from an accessory of quality and style. Despite its size (13,5×10,5×3,5cm), wallet Acc/8 is very spacious inside and is composed of a zippered coin pocket, several pockets for credit cards or business card holders, side compartments for documents and a central one for banknotes, all finished in calfskin leather.Brown python wallet Acc-8


Would you like to see in more detail these wallets and to understand which, among them, can best satisfy your tastes and needs?

We invite you then to visit our online boutique where, among other things, you can also make your purchases in complete peace and security, remaining comfortably seated on your sofa at home.

Should you find yourself in the vicinity or, you decide to come and visit us to see our articles first hand, we await you in our boutique of San Benedetto del Tronto, located in Via Risorgimento n ° 43, a short walk from the historic center of the city.

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