The luxury of being ourselves in 2019

On some level, the first week after the holidays is the saddest and happiest period of the year at the same time. It forces you to think about the past year, come to terms with everything you’ve achieved or not and organize the new year. It’s that time of the year when you can finally open your new planner and think about your resolutions. It’s that moment of the year when anything that comes to your mind is not impossible: get back in shape, organised that travel that you wanted to do for so long, finally take courage and start the work of your dreams.

At Gleni we decided to start the year, taking some time for ourselves and closing from December 22nd until January 2nd. We decided to close the boutique and relax surrounded by the affection of friends and relatives, to start the new year to the fullest.

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Our only 2019 resolution is to finally take the luxury of being ourselves. From every point of view.

In 2019 we will insert new services, to meet all the requests we receive every day and which take up most of our time in the office.

Evaluation of vintage products

A short but precise description for this could be: when you can do something well, never do it for free. We receive daily requests from individuals asking for an evaluation of the bag they received in inheritance from a relative or as a gift. We’ve been in the exotic skin field for many years, we know a lot about it, so we could never deny an advice by providing our knowledge and our point of view on the genuineness of the leather used. In exchange for our service, we just  asked a like on our Facebook page or the signing up for our newsletter.

Obviously, evaluating the skin of a bag is a time-consuming task. So, to cope with the numerous requests, without decreasing the quality of our answers, but at the same time without neglecting those who are our real customers, we have finally decided to turn the evaluation into a real purchasable service.

As always, we will not provide economic or customs assessments, but simply opinions based on our experience.

want and evaluation of your vintage crocodile bag

Elite Consultancy Program

A real virtual visit to our boutique. We know how much our products are worth, but at the same time we know how difficult it could be deciding to spend a large sums for products that are not seen live.

In order to solve this problem and to provide dedicated service, just as we do in our boutique in San Benedetto del Tronto, we have introduced the Elite Consultancy program.
At a cost of € 50.00 for 2 months, you will receive:

  1. personalized videos created especially for you
  2. unpublished photos of the products you are interested in (and not)
  3. a personal consultant who will follow you from the beginning to the end and who will give priority to your emails, your phone calls and your shipments.
  4. preview of the products not yet available and possibility to buy them before they are published online
  5. special offers dedicated to the Élite program

You can buy the Élite advice like any Gleni product: simply by placing it in the cart and proceeding to check-out. You can get more information on this program at this link.

elite consultancy program to get the best out of our products

The lab

Those who follow us will already know that we have introduced a new category in our boutique (on Italian website- soon available on French and English): the lab. Here, you can choose one of our models and create it according to your preferences: do you like red bags? Do you want a sober black bag? Are you a lover of bright and flashy colors? The lab is the place for you.

Choose the model and consult our leather and color proposals in the curtain to get an immediate quote. And if among our proposals you do not find what you are looking for, simply download our color catalog and contact us.

In 2019, in fact, we want you to give yourself the luxury of being yourself: we want to reduce the sale of ready-to-ship bags and increase the sale of made-to-order bags. Why spend a lot of money to buy a bag that does not represent you at the very most, when you can have a “100%you” product for the same price?

During the year, we will offer promotions both on the raw material and on the models, so do not miss the chance to create the article of your dreams, subscribe to our newsletter.

Also, follow our blog to read the article dedicated to the Laboratory.

create your personal bag at gleni lab

What are your 2019 resolutions? Will you be able to give yourself the luxury of finally being yourself?

Let us know in the comments!

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