The lab: where dreams come true

There are many values that GLENI has conveyed over the years. First of all, the exaltation of your uniqueness.
By giving advice to our clients, we have always encouraged the often overlooked aspect of buying: the inner one. How does that bag make you feel? Does it give you joy? Does it fit with your personal style? Does it make you feel beautiful? And, above all, do you feel like yourself wearing it? If the answers to these questions are a resounding yes, nothing else matters. Trends and fashion fade into the background: wearing a GLENI bag means defining your style in a special way, emphasizing your uniqueness.
That’s why you should always give you the luxury of being yourself.

But what happens if, by looking at our bags, nothing makes you feel unique? Maybe a model caught your eye, but the yellow color doesn’t suit you. Or you prefer the sumptuousness of crocodile to the elegance of ostrich. Or maybe you love both the model and the color, but you would prefer a shiny finish. No problem: there’s no need to run. We have some pretty spectacular news: the lab.

come visit our lab to manufacture the bag of your dreams

The lab is simply the place where your wishes will come true. It is the place where your bag, only yours and not anyone else’s, will be created.
In this special space you can customize the GLENI models as you wish.
Initially, you will have to choose between two main options: the pre-sale or the customised production.

What is the difference?

The presale is made up of models chosen specifically by the GLENI staff in colors and combinations that we particularly loved in the past: the leather of these models are not currently in stock.
This alternative is perfect for those who do not have clear ideas or are afraid of jumping into a new color or leather.

The models present in the pre-sale have already been produced in the past; therefore, there are some photos of the finished products. However, we remind you that GLENI’s creations are unique pieces, as they are handcrafted in a single piece. Consequently, each item will never be identical to the one proposed in the photo: there will be small variations that will emphasize even more the craftsmanship and singularity of GLENI’S products. The dream of having an exclusive bag will still be granted!

Choose between our colors the one you like for your bag

The customised production, as easily understandable by the name, is more adaptable: you can choose both the leather and colour. For any product, we still have inserted some leathers already in stock that we think might suit the model. By choosing one of the leathers in stock, you can already have an idea of the cost of the product and you can fasten the delivery time. However, if you don’t like the leather at your disposal, don’t be discouraged! Just contact us and we will provide you with a color chart and, after your choice, we will send you a quotation.

Recognizing the customisable models is very simple: they are those marked with a black and white photo.
If you choose one of the presale bags, all you need to do is add the item in the cart, proceed with the payment and wait for the realization of the product. Generally, our products are made in 40-60 working days. You will be periodically be updated by e-mail about the status of your order.

If you choose one of the customisable bags, simply choose the version you prefer from the pull-down menu to check the price, which changes according to the type of leather. Add the item you prefer in the shopping cart, enter your information and then choose the pre-order or wire transfer as a method of payment. You will be immediately contacted by our team with all the additional information. We will provide you with a form to sign with all the details of your order. You can then proceed with the payment, which can be carried out in two convenient instalments: 40% of the total at the time of ordering, the remaining 60% before shipping.

Leather from GLENI lab for custom bags

The lab is a new section, constantly updated. We will add more products and leathers, so you can have the widest possible choice: we want you to immerse yourself with us in our world made of colours, fantasies, precious leathers and creativity.
So, if you cannot find the model you were looking for, you must totally contact us! Almost every GLENI model can be replicated. Don’t be shy: we will be glad to give you more information, no commitment!
GLENI staff will always be by your side: you will be followed in every single step. We will advice you, we will help you in the choice, we will give you all the needed information. All this with great professionalism!

The product of your dreams requires meticulousness and attention to detail: we will be able to satisfy your requests with care. And we will be very excited to do it!

Your desire will become a reality: create with us the bag of your dreams!

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