The artisan bag made in Italy

Quality, creativity, originality, class and style! These are some of the attributes which by now are associated with the legendary “Made in Italy”. They are characteristics of a product which cares about the honor, as well as legal right, to express this coveted mark well known by all, whether in Italy or around the world. The artisan bag made in Italy is no exception, rather it is one of the articles most representative of the unparalleled fashion designed and produced in the boot.Italian luxury puthon bag

And so all of the runways of the world, whether haute couture or prèt-à-porter, collection after collection, are boasting these mini masterpieces of design, many of which are made right here in this beautiful country. Whether a famous brand or an emerging label, the artisan bag made in Italy always has a unique character, and the more discerning fashionistas recognize it with the bat of an eye.

From the catwalks to shops, and then into our wardrobes, the step is really short, because even though we are increasingly in search of a smart life, to do without with a bag is decidedly impossible, now more than ever. This accessory is no longer a simple “accessory”. We now consider it a basic element on which to build a look, to choose carefully and combine wisely. From the spacious maxi shopper to the extra small minimal clutch, from the romantic handle bag to the practical and sporty crossbody, every occasion deserves its ideal complement. Here, then, the wardrobe of bags becomes ever larger, and between a tote and bauletto, among a clutch and a messenger, the artisan bag made in Italy is king.

Infinite are also the materials which, as with every self-respecting made in Italy brand, are chosen with the utmost care to ensure the best that the market can offer. Then nowadays, in terms of material, with the imagination and flair of designers no longer taboo, a bag may be dressed in silk, velvet, or macramé, yet also ultra-modern materials such as vinyl, rubber or nylon. Always in vogue ultimately is the leather bag, eco or not, which is renewed and may be colored, printed, laser etched or worked with special techniques.

We at Gleni, proud leaders of the best made in Italy, have chosen for you an exceptional material, rich and precious, to make exclusive bags of remarkable standard, extraordinary and unforgettable: exotic leather. The marvelous Crocodile, prestigious Alligator, beautiful Python and the rare Anaconda, all originating from controlled environments certified and in full compliance with existing regulations, these are the bases on which we build each one of our products.

The made in Italy artisan bags by Gleni however, do not focus solely on this valuable leather. To give you only the best, from this prestigious material, we wanted to combine cutting edge design that studied shape, color and processing of the highest standard: one of a kind techniques, complex and unique for a final result that is original and outstanding. This is why every Gleni bag envelops in it a combination of mastery and artisan ability which makes it distinct and unrepeatable.

Discovering in the windows of Gleni the made in Italy artisan bag of your choice will be an extraordinary shopping experience.

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