#6: How to take care of your exotic leather product ?

Buying an exotic leather product, a day bag, a clutch bag or a simple wallet is for many people a well-thought-out choice that comes after several days of reflection and after evaluating each variant in its smallest detail. For many of them this is the purchase of the life, the achievement of an important goal that has been reached even after many sacrifices. 

A handcrafted high quality exotic leather product, entirely handmade with top quality materials, 100% Made in Italy certified, has in fact its own prestige and its indelible value over time but it has also a rather important cost, given that the materials composing it are very expensive. 

That’s why, when you decide to buy a product in exotic leather, you evaluate everything in the smallest detail since you want to be sure that what you’ll have in your hands is something unique, a creation able to satisfy all your tastes and needs, an item that will accompany you over the years with the same elegance and pure beauty of the first days. 

Your intentions to keep your item impeccable are multiple: you are careful when you clasp the bag in your hand, you put the wallet in its little box every time after using it and above all, you pay attention to where you leave our “precious” treasure. 

Over time, however, maybe because you become a little lazy or maybe because you are in a hurry  (life becomes more and more hectic), you begin to no longer give the right attention to the correct preservation of your exotic leather accessories and the negative implications, unfortunately , don’t delay in arriving … 

If initially the leather, python and anaconda in particular, is bright and colours too are clear and defined, with the passing of time you realize that shades have become duller and the skin looks dirty and no more beautiful. 

What is this really all about? To the poor quality of materials that are not so “of fine quality” as Gleni has been affirming since long time and reiterates in every occasion and circumstance? To the exotic leather that has not received the right protective treatment and therefore loses beauty and harmony after a short time? 

NO. If your exotic leather accessory, after some time from its purchase, is no longer as beautiful and refined as the first day, the responsibility is largely yours.

As already written many times in our past files, the exotic leather, whether it is python, anaconda, ostrich or crocodile, is a natural leather and, for this reason, it tends to absorb any kind of liquid falling on it. You should pay attention to where you place your exotic leather creation, being careful in not placing it on the tables or on the bar counters or, even worse, on the ground. The skin absorbs any kind of liquid and can get stained. If it is simple water, the damage is not irreparable because, the stain dries quickly and tends to disappear, but, if your bag or your wallet gets stained with other liquids such as coffee, liqueurs, soaps or substances used for the normal cleaning of the floors, the situation gets more complicated. In fact,  the stain could also dry out with the passing of time and might even be partially removed if cleaned with a wet cloth in time, but the halo tends to remain and, with it, even the affected part of the skin could assume a  darker tone than the original one. 

Exotic leather

The same thing happens if you expose the exotic leather bag to rain. The leather gets wet and, although it has been partially treated and waterproofed during the tanning, it always remains a natural skin and therefore, by absorbing the water, it could stain itself and the colour could darken. 

Liquids, however, are not the only threat to your exotic leather items. A fundamental role in the correct maintenance and protection of your “precious treasures” is also covered by your hands and by their correct or incorrect cleansing. This doesn’t mean that you have not to touch our exotic leather items anymore and just admire them from afar, well protected in the wardrobe; you certainly have to use them and live them without any reserve but you must pay attention to what you touch before taking python wallets or the anaconda clutch bag in hand. 

If, before going out, you wear make-up or simply spread a moisturizing cream on your face, let’s remember to wash your hands before clasping the exotic leather item. The makeup powder or the cream residue on the hands could stain and grease the skin, creating ugly flaws that would certainly compromise the beauty of your precious accessory. 

4818 bag details in yellow ostrich leather

If we eat something directly with our hands, such as a pizza, an ice cream or a bag of olives all’ascolana (fried olives – a cooking speciality of our region, one more reason to come and visit us), don’t content us to clean your hands with a simple handkerchief or a cleansing towel because the most latent grease would remain on the hands and, at the appropriate time, it would flow onto the bag or wallet, leaving fingerprints hardly removable with a simple damp cloth. Let’s always try, where possible, to wash the hands with soap and water, so that you can be sure that your hands are perfectly clean and “not at risk” for your fine leather accessories. 

The exotic leather is certainly more delicate than normal calf leather because its tanning allows it to obtain very particular colours and shades that perhaps any other kind of skin can’t assume. The tonality is totally absorbed by the leather and released in a completely original and unique way, creating very intense and original plays of light and natural contrasts. It would really be a shame to damage the bewitching effect of these natural nuances because of a little distraction or a subtle carelessness. 

Following the little tricks mentioned here above, we are sure that your little jewels in exotic leather will preserve their natural beauty and allure unchanged over the years. They won’t certainly remain perfect and immaculate forever like the day you bought them, but their daily use will not deteriorate them. They will acquire a new harmony over time, and, like all precious things, they too will age with style. 

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