Sayonara 2016… wilkommen 2017

With tables still laid out for the holidays and glasses still filled with bollicine Made in Italy, it is already high time to take stock of the past year and define the good intentions for the year to come.

2016, for the GLENI family was a year of great change.

Logo di Gleni

First, we permanently stopped the production of bags for third parties with private labels; in this way, we sought to improve and increase the prestige of the GLENI brand.

Next, we discontinued production of handmade shoes for men, focusing on improving the collection of women’s handbags. For those interested, there are still a select few (in limited sizes) available in our online boutique.

From the birth of our brand until 2016, GLENI products were only available online and in our store in San Benedetto del Tronto. However, in April of 2016 we decided to change the marketing strategy, including new kinds of collaborations. As a result, many of our models have been exhibited in a prestigious boutique of a private airport in Sardinia in Olbia. There, they experienced success, particularly the unusual pieces, from atypical working or those brightly colored – such as fluorescent orange, satin gold and “aged” brown leather. This, more than anything else, has shown us that our philosophy – which primarily focuses on creating pieces that are unique, various and colorful –  is much appreciated by new customers, those who enter the world of GLENI for the first time.

In addition to Sardinia, many models were shipped to New York where they were presented to US boutiques – we cannot yet anticipate anything!

Also in the summer of 2016, we decided to say goodbye to many of our models, organizing a huge clearance, which lasted about three months. This met with such success that, pending arrival of the new collection, our boutique was found almost completely emptied of bags.

Those who missed this great event should not despair: clicking here, in fact, you will find the last of the remaining bags with outlet prices.


As promised in February 2016, we finally launched our four new online boutiques: – in Italian, – in French, – in English and – in Russian.

Why have we done this?

We sought to improve the shopping experience for our visitors, simplifying the search for articles and information and improving the graphics, making it light and pleasant to navigate. What do you think?

Browsing, you may still encounter some errors of translation or in the functioning of our online boutique – inform us as soon as you encounter them: our team works constantly on improvements, but a little help from the outside never hurts!

In addition, in September 2016 we presented our new collections: totally different from our standard, we wanted to venture out a little with forms and turn to a new target of customers. To read more about our new collection, click here.

Lastly, in 2016, we applied for participation to a project financed by the Marche region … and we have been funded!


At this point, what are our intentions for the new year?

First, the primary purpose is to expand the GLENI family: at this time, thanks to the Marche region project, we are hiring young talent. We need experts in graphic design, experts in research of new B2B online sales and offline channels, accounting and … do you think you have what it takes to enter the GLENI family? Candidates submit your resume to


But what is this project?

Our project “Exotic Pearls” focuses on the expansion of Gleni into new markets, such as the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. In addition to our artisan goods, we want to bring a bit of Marche to the world – publicizing cultural events, regional products and the beautiful nature that we have the honor to live in and observe every day.

Furthermore, in the wake of our new marketing strategy started last April and in conjunction with the “Exotic Pearls” project, many products are now represented by GLENI in Dubai – they will be presented at a trade show in January, and in the United Arab Emirates market.

In this regard, we are open to new collaborations with Italian and foreign boutiques – if you are interested, please contact us by sending your presentation, the type of joint activity in which you are interested and we will willingly consider each proposal.


Thanks to this project, in addition, we want to increase the dissemination of material and information on CITES and on the exotic leather trade, a topic that is still taboo for many people. To do this, we want to develop a system to provide each customer with the information about the leather used for creating the article just bought. How? For now it is a secret …

Lastly, a part of the project will be aimed at the creation of two new collections: a collection of women’s shoes and the Diamond collection – formal bags made with the use of precious stones.

Women’s shoes and special occasion bags will likely also be combined, to create a perfect party ensemble.

This 2017, in short, promises to be a busy year for new and interesting projects to achieve.

And you? What are your resolutions for the new year?


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