“Rope” python leather: innovation and technology for a made in Italy quality product

After opening our section presenting the “embroidered python” in Caffellatte variant, a truly original and refined python that has already captured the heart of many of our customers, we want to talk today about another python we are very proud about: “rope” python.

From the name, you can easily see that it is a very particular kind of python, very different from the image we all have of the classic python skin, with its soft scales and its shading colours.

Rope python in fact, at the mere sight, doesn’t look like a python but it has the look of a real rope, composed of intertwined threads giving life to a well-structured and strong fabric. Scales that, as we have repeated several times, characterize the real python skin, seem here almost inexistent and even the colour is identical to that one of the rope, with its grey and white shades.

Rope python perfect for travel bags

But how is it possible that python skin, soft and supple as we have always known it, characterized by qualities such as harmony, elegance, softness and beauty, can suddenly assume the appearance of a rigid, structured and full-bodied rope?

It seems impossible but it is just like that.

Among the many daring quests experienced by our tanneries, there has been also the one to elaborate such a working process apt to transform a normal python skin into a rope python skin, structured and strong but, for all lovers of an original, innovative and glamorous product, a MUST that they can’t absolutely give up to.

What is this “transforming” working process? We are explaining it to you right now.

Python skin reaches the tannery and it is regularly treated and tanned. After tanning, python leather is dyed and it assumes an opaque Roccia colour (a mix of white and grey), very similar to the natural shade of the rope. Later, it is put into a special press to obtain the classic “braided effect”, typical of the rope.

A closer look to our rope python roccia colour

For this typology of printing, the front cut of python skin is used, in order to have small and uniform scales at the centre, while they become more and more larger at the sides.  This kind of cut is preferable compared to the back cut because the ventral scales, being small and homogeneous, are better suited to the “rope effect” print and almost blend into the fake weaves of the leather.

After processing, this leather is reinforced in order to be more rigid than classic python skin and, for this reason, it is particularly suitable for the creation of items with a structured and defined line, such as professional briefcases, doctor bags, office bags or travel bags.

Rope effect python rigid to the touch

When we saw this skin for the first time inside the tannery, we were really surprised because, although we have been working with exotic leather for years, we had many difficulties in recognizing that it was genuine python; its workmanship was impeccable. Then, touching it, we realized that its body made it perfect for the realization of our line of bags and travel briefcases, the collection we presented you a few months ago.

The fact of being a rather structured skin, (made even more rigid by the reinforcement applied after the tanning), doesn’t allow it to wrinkle or to sag and it is therefore ideal for the production of trolleys, travel bags or professional briefcases, all items created to keep their appearance impeccable despite the passing of time and its use and, that, therefore, require a rigid and structured leather.

We warmly recommend this variant of python for the realization of our professional products or duffle bags also because of its colour. Roccia tonality characterizing this python is a neutral colour, refined and perfectly combinable on everything. Wearing your rope python office bag or opting for your customized rope python trolley, you’ll have the certainty of having at your side a luxury item, always current over time, an evergreen that finds its own space in every season and in every collection.

And what about this process?

Python that seems almost a rope

The “rope effect” print makes the python special to the eye because scales blend with the fake weaves created by the print and it almost seems that the skin becomes a sort of rigid fabric made of rope. In addition, it should be noted that this process makes the python less delicate and more durable over time and that’s why we highly recommend it to you who are thinking of ordering a professional briefcase or a duffle bag in genuine python … You’ll finally have by your side a luxurious, elegant but at the same time original item, accompanying you impeccably over the years.

Being a neutral colour, rope python is perfect for making professional items and travel bags for both men and women.

What are you waiting for? Request this leather on your professional briefcase, travel bag or handbag directly in our laboratory or by contacting us via email on gleni@gleni.it

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