Red – the color to bet on if you don’t want to go wrong!

The more you have, the more you want: when it comes to bags, women are insatiable and they would go nuts to get their hands on the latest design from their favorite designer. To be sure, there is nothing wrong with that, given the extraordinary amount of choice now on the market, especially during the Christmas period, when shops and boutiques are beautifully decorated with sparking lights and decorations to grab your attention and lure you in to savor the latest available trends.

Red handbag made in Italy

With Christmas coming and with all those presents – more or less satisfying –  how can you not fantasize about the perfect accessory we would like to find wrapped up under the Christmas tree?

Of course, a handbag can conquer everyone’s heart….even those who declare themselves indifferent towards fashion and trends.

Obviously, it is important to select the right color, suitable for every occasion: with RED currently the hottest color on the scene, we won’t regret this choice for sure, especially once we discover the fantastically versatile qualities of this shade, perfect for right now, but also to be considered avant-garde for any season of the year!

 Synonymous with passion and love, red has always been the color par excellence that communicates the dynamic and adventurous life-style of the person who wears it. According to the combinations that are chosen, red allows you to look casual and informal if you lean towards a sportswear style, but it immediately turns you into a diva, real star of any show, when dressed up and on accessories that are elegant and sophisticated.

As well as cheering up your look with a dash of vivid and bright color, red also has a magnetic effect, attracting attention to the person wearing it: an irresistible appeal, especially when worn by a self-confident woman.

A hue that calls into play our emotions and sensations, expressing our energy and love for life – in fact it symbolizes our life blood – it is moreover the symbol of great value and royalty, since it has always been connected to royal dignity.

So, how can you undervalue such an important color? In fact, it’s not difficult to feel like a queen, or even a princess when you wear a refined handbag in a deep and intense shade of red!

Then, to express the best of luxury and quality, put your money on exotic leather: you won’t go unnoticed for sure, and you will feel the sensation of being enfolded  in an extraordinary mantle of self-confidence, security and determination….and as if by magic, your look will seduce everyone, turning heads everywhere you go. According to our professional experience, python and ostrich are amazing leathers, practically breath-taking, especially when applied to handbag models with a dynamic but always refined and elegant cut. The renowned absorbent quality of these two leathers gives the finished product an exhilarating and vivid coloring: it will be hard part yourself from your handbag, whether ostrich, crocodile or python.

When choosing the leather, it’s very important to think of your style and your personality: while python leather gives a more authoritative touch to the woman wearing it, ostrich reveals all its suppleness and a superb allure. Browsing through our Gleni Boutique, you will have plenty of choice if red is already your main idea.

Certainly it is the exotic leather itself – here in particular ostrich and python – that ensures the success of any model you decide to buy, given its extraordinary high quality, transmitting harmonious tactile as well as visual sensations,  but for sure the color red adds that irresistible touch making everything even sexier.

And when you are asked “Who was the queen of the party?”, you will not have the slightest hesitation in answering: of course it will have been me and my red bag!

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