Discounted handbags.Your qualitative bag at a convenient price.

Discount handbagsYou know, a high qualitative bag, handmade with prestigious hardware and well finished in detail by experienced Italian craftsmen who daily transform their job into a source of pride for the Made in Italy, has its own economic value that, although justified by manufacturing costs, is often unattainable.

We can’t do anything but close our eyes and fantasize on our dream bag, so perfect and beautiful, but also so inaccessible, a mirage for our finances.

We, sometimes, look forward the approach of the usual seasonal sales to buy the bag at a discounted price but then, for one reason or another, we are never able to reach the boutique in time for purchasing our “glamorous bag”, because someone else has already preceded us managing to take the bag home, maybe gaining the trust of the shop assistant.

Buying a stylish and elegant bag, what we consider as “the bag for excellence”, synonym of glamour and refinement, classic but modern and trendy at the same time, intriguing but linear, is really a hard and perilous feat; buying it at a discounted price is practically impossible…

Just to overthrow these difficulties and transform every dream of yours into reality, we have decided to apply some periodical promotions on the whole merchandise in assortment available on our online boutique. They usually have a validity of just few days and give you the opportunity to buy one of our handcrafted products at a discounted price up to 30%.

Dates, terms and timing of these promotions would be communicated you through a newsletter at your e-mail address in case you decide to sign up to Gleni Boutique website.

We have then created a special section, Bargain Corner, entirely reserved to the sale of handbags and accessories of our production, handmade with exotic leather, at a discounted price.

Here you can find a waste range of discounted bags up to 50% and, among them, you could maybe find your dream bag, so long desired.

What kind of bags, can you find in Bargain corner section?

Within this space, we have inserted many handbags on sale belonging to Gleni previous collections, very elegant and refined items having a classic and refined line, available inside our Gleni Boutique for some time now, but also many bags placed here at a discounted price because out of stock and, for this reason, no more orderable.

Next to these goods on sale, Bargain Corner section offers a wide selection of bags and small leather accessories available at a reduced price because of some small imperfections in colour or some chaps on the leather, small defeats that, for our craftsmen, are quite natural, proof of the effective craftsmanship of the product, but that, for the customer could appear as anomalies.

Any kind of imperfection or the belonging of a sale bag to one of our old collections is well enhanced inside the concerning item’s sheet.

Bargain Corner section, inside our Gleni Boutique, is constantly updated and many new discounted bags and accessories at a competitive price are almost daily inserted.

Discounted goods will be available at a sale price in the Bargain Corner of Gleni Boutique while stock lasts.

Either if you are interested in our flash promotions on all the items in assortment or if you prefer addressing your attention towards the discounted bags available in Bargain Corner, you can certainly take advantage of the sales promoted by Gleni on the purchase of two or more discounted handbags, so as of the extra 5% sale applied on the total amount to pay in case you choose the wire transfer as method of payment.

Taste you too the magic sensation to wear a prestigious bag handcrafted with exotic leather, 100% Made in Italy at a really gorgeous price!

Buy now that so long desired but hitherto unattainable bag or take the opportunity to make a special gift to someone important in your heart, a precious thought that can let the beloved person feel appreciated and cuddled!

Enter now our Bargain Corner section and look in detail at our discounted bags or subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to receive, in advance, the latest news and the promotional dates concerning Gleni products.

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