Pollicina in python Reticulatus leather: 4 reasons why it is the perfect bag!

When the outfit requires a mini bag, we always struggle. The bag can barely fit anything and we find ourselves asking the same questions: should I leave the phone or the keys at home? Would it fit a lipstick? And where should I put the wallet?

We found a solution: Pollicina in python Reticulatus is the perfect bag for these (and other) occasions. Why? Here 4 reasons.

Pollicina bag

1. It is roomy.

It is time to say goodbye to the classic mini bag questions! You will no longer have to choose between the keys and the mobile phone. Despite its small size, the Pollicina has a large and roomy interior (and finished in real leather) where you can put not only the keys and the phone, but also the lipstick, the wallet, the mirror and … much more.

2. It is provided with a long, comfy and elegant shoulder strap.

No more chains that leave marks nor thick, comfy, but not very refined straps. The Pollicina combines elegance and practicality. Its strap is in fact divided in two parts: the upper part is made of soft leather, while the lower part is a metal chain that gives brightness to the bag.  No more painful shoulders at the end of the night! (Sore feet are enough…) And the strap is also adjustable!

Don't you believe it is roomy? We have proof!

3. It is in a passe-partout colour.

Pollicina is made of genuine python Reticulatus leather in a “Cognac” shade: a mix of intense browns with a touch of black and white to give contrast and brightness. An easy colour for all seasons: perfect for the intense tonalities of the winter wardrobe because it is dark, but bright enough for the fresh and vibrant colours of spring and summer.

4. It is suitable for any event.

Not only the Pollicina is roomy, it has a comfy strap and a shade suitable for all the seasons: it is also perfect for day to night!

It is small, dark, perfect for elegant dresses and special occasions, but if necessary it is casual enough to be worn with some jeans and flats…and let’s go around the city!


Pollicina luxury bag

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