A return to nature. Color of the year 2017

The annual press release regarding the PANTONE color of the year has finally been issued:  the color of the year 2017 will be GREENERY, a color that draws all the vitality and freshness of nature.

The Color Institute itself defines Greenery as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew” and in our opinion it is one of the more evocative descriptions of all time.

Color 2017

Greenery is a lively and vibrant color which recalls the image of the first leaves on the trees, the first stems of the flowers and the smell of a morning meadow, immediately sparking vitality and high spirits in those who observe. Continue reading

The other face of Gleni

There is the other face of Gleni in the new collection that slowly takes place in our windows. Just like the moon, also Gleni has another face, but unlike the most beloved of the star of our universe, we have decided to reveal it, and to do that we have created a new collection, distinct, waiting to be discovered.

We do not renounce the soft and sinuous shaped bags which so far have characterized our unique style, but now we wanted to put them together with bags of clean and minimal lines, made of geometric harmonies lit up by refined and classy hues. High quality bags, marked by the elegant and flawless finishes as those preceding. We could define it as two sisters who – just like different twins – show two sides of the same face, the face of Gleni who already you know and love.Luxury small python handbags by Gleni

New and most valuable are also the interiors, this time made entirely of soft leather in matching tones, precious material that replaces the still fascinating and precious fabric.

Fabric will not be missed in the new collection however, because for the new bags we decided to add an additional accessory: a small scarf from the simple and elegant line. Made in the classic colors that distinguish our brand and with our company logo, this scarf will be an extra detail, an added value or even better a small gift designed just for you. We have it tied to the main handle of the bag, but you can also remove it and fix it in any other place or use it alone: the choice is yours!

But now let’s talk about bags and see more closely how this new collection will be. Trapezoids, rectangles and accentuated corners… you will find many geometric shapes, some large others small. Messenger bags, backpacks, by shoulder or by hand, even the type of bag will suit all tastes, with models for every occasion, versatile and functional, equipped with removable straps and chains to attach and detach depending on the situation. Continue reading

We thank the butterflies


“If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies”


Fortunately, everything changes and butterflies do exist.

Changes play a part in each of our daily lives and also Gleni has chosen to spread its wings and indulge in new life.

Inspired by butterflies and overwhelmed by the desire to spread our wings, we have decided to radically change the background color, going from a dark – albeit beautiful- burgundy to a brilliant white, a symbol of purity and hope for the future.

Lovers of red, however, need not despair: we decided to keep our historic color in the details of the new site – on menu borders and various buttons.

The new layout makes navigating the site, and searching for items, much faster and easier, featuring a preview of the article you are looking for, even before you open it. Continue reading

The Array of Exotic Leather

Trends are ruling the world. Fashion is changing in every season, and every season has its own ‘it’ objects. What about a luxury bag? Do you buy just to accommodate yourself to the new fashion trends or because it is a piece that you will wear for many seasons unlike all the ever-shifting clothes?

Classical luxury handbags will certainly be the main pieces of your closet for many seasons. What makes it so special? Why do we even buy second hand vintage handbags? What makes a bag special is; the combination of unique design, the quality, the craftsmanship and the leather. A leather bag, if a well, it is made from exotic leather, will never look old fashioned for many years. That is why your daughter is using your crocodile bag, that you were wearing in your 30’s. And that is why you spend your money to invest that bag.Luxury exotic leather handbags

More than ever, brands are using exotic leathers as a symbol of luxury, distinction and high-end quality. Of course there are people who does not prefer exotic leather, because of their old fashioned designs. In this moment, Italian design steps in. Italian design which is respected by the world, treats the exotic leather like a jewel, and exotic leather gains modernity and glory that it deserves. That is how you get the perfect luxury handbag that you can use for years. Continue reading

Wallets, what passion!

The life of a woman is every day bombarded with dates, deadlines, appointments and reminder notes that each of us cherish even when the appointment has long since passed.

And where do all of these little notes flock to? Naturally inside of our wallets! Small or large, practical or elegant, the wallet is for us women much more than a simple accessory for storing our cash or credit cards. It is a secret treasure chest within which we find much of our lives, our dearest affections, our most intimate day-to-day.Red python leather wallet Continue reading

What happened in 2015? And what are our goals for 2016?

Even if we are a little late, we decided to make a brief summary of our 2015 and give you a preview of our ideas and our plans for 2016.

In March 2015, Gleni suffered a great loss. After a long battle with cancer, the founder and owner of Gleni passed away, leaving behind a great legacy and a great love for his dream.

Following this moment, we passed an even more complicated period, dictated by bureaucracy. Gleni had to change the company name, abandoning forever the title “Gleni of Arben Qoku” and becoming “Gleni Srl”.

We, however, did not get discouraged by the events and in August, we renovated our boutique in San Benedetto del Tronto (in Via Risorgimento n ° 43 for those interested!), the operational base of all our ideas.

We changed the color, the layout and, in a sense, also the basic concept.

More spacious and “open” to the public, now Gleni Boutique, in San Benedetto del Tronto, has decidedly a look far more luxurious and refined, with sophisticated and elegant details, fit for welcoming princes and princesses of the world.

Gleni Boutique

To this topic we would like to dedicate a separate post, so let us know if you are interested! Continue reading

Trade of exotic skin items

Gleni has been present on the european and international market for numerous years, promoting through time its handcrafted articles of exotic leather and really making the concept of craftsmanship and Made in Italy a philosophy to follow.

Our clients know well with how much love and dedication we care for our products, from the moment of their creation on paper until the final finishing touches as, for us, even the simplest accessory has an inestimable value in terms of affection.

There are many people who, during these years, though with a bit of initial reticence, have moved closer to our world and, beyond the beauty and quality of the item, are interested to know more about that which revolves around the trade of articles in exotic leather: laws and restrictions that regulate the purchase and sale, sanctions (even criminal) that punish all of those who transgress, limits beyond which, we are not allowed to go.Exotic leather

See more >>>

What is a CITES certificate?

One of the more delicate issues

Alligators – no longer endangered thanks to well-organized conservation programms



If, on the one hand there are many people who, from initial skepticism, with time and information provided, have become supporters, on the other hand, there are still many of those who, not knowing closely what revolves around the trade of articles made from exotic leather, continue to send us e-mail or angry feedback (often threatening and imprecatory) accusing us of being only ruthless criminals greedy for money, that do not hesitate to kill innocent and endangered animals, such as pythons, anacondas, crocodiles or alligators. Continue reading

Men’s Wallets

The wallet is an object of everyday life utilized quite often throughout the day, and for this reason should be extremely personalized.

Every individual has their own preferences and needs to each of which corresponds a different model of wallet.

Gleni offers a wide range of men’s wallets, varied by color, type of leather, internal composition and size.

The outer part of the wallets is available in python, crocodile, ostrich and calfskin, while the inner section, any model you choose, is lined in calfskin.

Men's python wallet

Below we present to you the leading models of our men’s wallets. Continue reading


When we buy an item Made in Italy we do not purchase just a product. We purchase a value made of quality, elegance, research. There are many sectors which claim the quality Made in Italy, from gastronomy to automobiles, from furnishings to fashion. The luxury of Made in Italy is forever known and renowned not only nationally, but also internationally, where it is forced to contend with Asian competitors that rely on low prices to the detriment of quality. A considerable difference in the way of conceiving a product, given that the history and tradition of Italian luxury is based on genius and creativity, on beauty and innovation, on refinement and elegance, on quality and originality.

Italian handbagsOne of the industries in which Made in Italy most expresses itself is fashion, as exalted on all runways national and international. It is of fashion that we want to speak, pausing and analyzing a product forever admired and celebrated in this field: Italian handbags. More and more international celebrities choose Italian bags to complete their look, testimony to the fact that this accessory produced in Italy has bewitched by now also foreign markets. Continue reading

Happy New Year!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2015 and to welcome the New Year, hoping that the incoming 2016 could be for  all of us a prosperous and positive year, from any point of view.

We take advantage of this special occasion to wish you a Happy New Year 2016 and to thank you for your choice!

Your purchases, your feedbacks on the website and all the visits of yours that we daily receive let us know how much you appreciate our job and that our dedication towards our bags and accessories is not vain.

We wish you a Golden Year! And that this tonality could accompany you all along the new year…don’t care if in the form of gorgeous and dynamic accessories or as symbol of your personal successes and satisfactions!

Happy Holidays from Gleni and see you soon!