The other face of Gleni

There is the other face of Gleni in the new collection that slowly takes place in our windows. Just like the moon, also Gleni has another face, but unlike the most beloved of the star of our universe, we have decided to reveal it, and to do that we have created a new collection, distinct, waiting to be discovered.

We do not renounce the soft and sinuous shaped bags which so far have characterized our unique style, but now we wanted to put them together with bags of clean and minimal lines, made of geometric harmonies lit up by refined and classy hues. High quality bags, marked by the elegant and flawless finishes as those preceding. We could define it as two sisters who – just like different twins – show two sides of the same face, the face of Gleni who already you know and love.Luxury small python handbags by Gleni

New and most valuable are also the interiors, this time made entirely of soft leather in matching tones, precious material that replaces the still fascinating and precious fabric.

Fabric will not be missed in the new collection however, because for the new bags we decided to add an additional accessory: a small scarf from the simple and elegant line. Made in the classic colors that distinguish our brand and with our company logo, this scarf will be an extra detail, an added value or even better a small gift designed just for you. We have it tied to the main handle of the bag, but you can also remove it and fix it in any other place or use it alone: the choice is yours!

But now let’s talk about bags and see more closely how this new collection will be. Trapezoids, rectangles and accentuated corners… you will find many geometric shapes, some large others small. Messenger bags, backpacks, by shoulder or by hand, even the type of bag will suit all tastes, with models for every occasion, versatile and functional, equipped with removable straps and chains to attach and detach depending on the situation.

There’s still more! By now the collection of ceremonial bags is becoming ever more rich and extensive, because the new line of Gleni handbags will also appear here. So the next time you must choose the perfect accessory to finish the look of your event you will have an even wider range of opportunities.

But it does not stop here, because from Gleni comes surprising news: the new section of bridal handbags. These delicate and precious bags are designed just for women who are about to take the plunge, and want to be the lucky charm that will accompany them in their entry into a new life.

Finally, we have still a small detail to show you on the new Gleni face. An icing on the cake that will distinguish all of our bags from now on: a silver plate with a small golden “g”. You will find our logo affixed to the snap closing of the new collection of bags and it would like to be a hallmark of the care, craftsmanship and the very best quality that will accompany you every time you wear a Gleni handbag.


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