Naponos python: for an extra exotic touch

Python leather natural design

Today we continue talking about our exotic leathers, proposing you another type of python processing, a workmanship that we have already been using for some time but that, today, we want to introduce you more closely: Naponos python. This process is, in our opinion, one of the most refined and representative among our pythons workmanships because with its colours, often put in contrast each other, it highlights the natural livery of exotic skin, its natural design with its concentric geometries and its scales that seem to open to the touch.

But how is NAPONOS WORKMANSHIP made? Let’s see it together.

Raw python skin enters the tannery where it is cleaned, refined and then tanned to be able to assume an aspect that is not only beautiful at the sight but also soft at the touch. When colouring the leather, it is used a light rock or beige shade for the bottom and bright tonalities ranging from turquoise to papaya, from ochre to green, for the colour brushstrokes going to develop all over the skin surface, highlighting the python scales. In this type of processing, it is very important to put on evidence the natural design of the python by creating circles on the skin itself that remind the python livery. These circles are highlighted thanks to the use of dark tones such as black or brown (depending on the colour combinations) contrasting with the Roccia or the beige of the leather bottom. The colour here is applied manually by the artisans in order to obtain more precise and unique manufacture, always different from leather to leather.

The result that follows is truly bewitching. Python leather takes an almost three-dimensional appearance and the game of colours and shades makes this leather precious and original.

Naponos processing can be easily used both on Back Cut python and on the Front Cut python because, in both cases, the result is beautiful and particular. The only difference lies in the fact that, while in the Back Cut large scales are central and therefore these concentric circles highlighting the natural texture of the leather are lateral, in the Front Cut small scales are in the middle and therefore also this processing is more central.

Our naponos python in forest green colour by GLENI

There are many shades realized according to this kind of workmanship. Some tones, such as NOCE or COGNAC, are quite classic, mainly focused on dark brown and light brown shades with contrasting black and white brushstrokes, while others are rather bright and sunny, ideal for refreshing your summer.

PAPAYA reminds the typical papaya colour, a very fresh pink orange with more intense brushstrokes near the larger scales, while concentric circles recalling the natural texture of the python are reproduced on smaller rounded scales, placed in contrast with the rock tonality of the edges.

Create your own bag with our whiskey naponos leather

TURQUOISE is also very dynamic, a typically summer tonality that will enhance your look with elegance and determination. It is the colour of the sea, of clear and crystalline rocky bottoms where you can dive to get away from the outside world and come into full contact with nature. The turquoise shade is put in contrast with the intense blue brushstrokes placed in proximity of the large scales and inside the concentric circles created thanks to this kind of colouring process and hand-painted by our expert craftsmen. The blue of the interior stands out even more since it is in contrast with the Roccia colour of the leather bottom.

If you don’t like the turquoise-blue tone, don’t worry! This variant of python is also available other colours, such as FOREST GREEN with black brushstrokes on the large scales and inside the circles created on the small scales, and OCHER.

A fresh and dynamic colour by GLENI

TAUPE variant is also very refined and elegant, characterized by the chromatic contrast occurred between brown and hazelnut and embellished with white streaks.

Have you been captured by the beauty and the glamour of Naponos workmanship and you want to order your summer bag now in one of these available colour variants? What are you waiting for? Enter now our online Boutique, choose the model that represents you the most and send us an email specifying the bag code, the chosen tonality and the type of cut you prefer (if the Back Cut or the Front Cut). We will send you a free device without obligation.

Request your own bag with this finishing in our lab.

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