When we buy an item Made in Italy we do not purchase just a product. We purchase a value made of quality, elegance, research. There are many sectors which claim the quality Made in Italy, from gastronomy to automobiles, from furnishings to fashion. The luxury of Made in Italy is forever known and renowned not only nationally, but also internationally, where it is forced to contend with Asian competitors that rely on low prices to the detriment of quality. A considerable difference in the way of conceiving a product, given that the history and tradition of Italian luxury is based on genius and creativity, on beauty and innovation, on refinement and elegance, on quality and originality.

Italian handbagsOne of the industries in which Made in Italy most expresses itself is fashion, as exalted on all runways national and international. It is of fashion that we want to speak, pausing and analyzing a product forever admired and celebrated in this field: Italian handbags. More and more international celebrities choose Italian bags to complete their look, testimony to the fact that this accessory produced in Italy has bewitched by now also foreign markets.

In the collective imagination, the handbag is associated with a kind of textile hard drive able to contain any object that you want to put in it. An image of Mary Poppins for instance, in which the bag is synonymous with the packing up of her world, a protective case for all solutions and for any need.

The bag is today an indispensable accessory for every type of style and look. Over time this accessory has transformed into a symbol of class and refinement, a showpiece for the simplest, everyday outfits but also for those more elegant and chic. The case we spoke of a moment ago has thus become an integral and complementary part of every woman’s look, the final piece that gives form and meaning to a puzzle of combinations of colors, styles and materials.

There is a bag for every occasion and Italian brands know this well. In fact, there are many Italian designers who have created bags for every day, the shopping bag, basic, comfortable, picture perfect. Reinvented today in a modern and fashionable way, shopping bags know to bring a touch of style to a more casual look.

For the more special occasions we cannot forget to mention handbags more elegant and refined, such as the clutch and the pouch that become real jewels capable of embellishing, with their high quality materials and perfect details, looks that are all the more chic.

But is the bag a purely feminine accessory? Absolutely not, indeed. On many runways of Italian fashion appear lines of handbags for a male audience that speak of a man of career, of an adventurer or a lover of technology.

In short, gone is the era in which the handbag represented a sheer necessity, a practical miniature suitcase for carrying essentials. Today in the world of fashion Made in Italy, a bag is an accessory which plays a protagonist and which makes a protagonist of the one who carries it. For this reason, Italian handbags are inserted fully into the landscape of luxury accessories worldwide, thanks to their prestige, their charm and their highest of quality.


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