Irina, the sporty chic handbag

The section dedicated to the presentation of the most popular GLENI products continues. Today we will talk about one of the most famous models of the brand, born with the company and in production for years: Irina.

The Irina model belongs to the ICONIC collection. All the bags belonging to this collection are named after women who are iconic for us.

Who is Irina? Irina is a strong and pragmatic woman who doesn’t like to waste time: she needs a comfortable and comfortable bag in which she can keep everything she needs to face her busy days with pride. In addition to comfort, Irina does not give up on sophistication; the perfect bag fits every occasion. And this is how this sensational bag was born, made in many different versions: comfortable, but always elegant.

Irina can be defined as a sporty chic bag: the soft line makes it a casual day bag, while the rectangular shape, the rigid handles and the metal details give it a touch of refinement that distinguishes it from the usual informal bags. The size is medium (measures 43x20x18 cm), perfect for women who love spacious but not bulky bags.

The handles are semi-rigid, have a particular shape that makes them very resistant and perfect for carrying the bag on the shoulders or by hand. In addition, there is a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap that will allow you to wear the bag on the shoulder or across the bust. In fact, the bag can be safely worn over the shoulder thanks to its softness and not too large dimensions. So you can move around the city in complete freedom!

At the moment, the versions available for immediate delivery are the following: Irina in Desert Blue python, Irina in roccia python with ostrich details, Irina in green ostrich, Irina in petroleum black anaconda with yellow detail.

Irina handbags by GLENI

Irina in Desert Blue python

If you love to give a touch of colour to your outfits and play with your looks, the Irina Desert Blue is for you! The python presents incredible nuances: the blue mixed with white in the parts where the scale is wider, while yellow-amber brushstrokes are approached in the sections where the scales are smaller and more regular, recreating the livery of the animal. All in an opaque version that makes it a little less eccentric and more accessible.

Touches of light are donated by metal accessories.

It will be the perfect companion for women with a lively and cheerful style.

Medium size comfortable handbag Irina

Irina in roccia python with ostrich details

This version is also included in the Ensemble line, the exclusive collection where we combine different exotic leathers, as it is embellished with details in black ostrich in the handles, in the side belts and in the removable shoulder strap. These details create a visual contrast that gives more glamour to the whole.

The rest of the bag is made of python in the classic Roccia colour back cut version. The roccia python is a must-have of GLENI: the white background contrasts with greys and blacks, making the livery of the animal very evident and creating a sober and classic nuance.

The metal details and the tag with the logo help to create beautiful lighting points.
Choose this bag if you are looking for a classic product, which is not black or brown, and that you can wear now and in 10 years: you will never get tired of the Rock colour.

Medium size handbag in sober colors by GLENI

Irina in green ostrich bottle

This magnificent variant is made of one of the most elegant leathers available:  ostrich. In particular, the one used for this model is characterized by the presence of many follicles that, in addition to giving an interesting texture, certify the prestige of the skin.

The trendy colour, a deep green bottle, is very easy to wear: match it with neutral or use it as a touch of contrast.

Also for this model, the metal details give beauty and brightness.

If you are a glamorous woman and always in step with trends, a real fashion victim, you can not let it get away!

Medium size handbag in dark green color by GLENI

Irina in black petroleum anaconda with yellow details

This version is made of leather of which we speak a little ‘less: the anaconda, recognizable by its regular scales and the same size. The anaconda used for this model has a particularity: while the surface is of dark oil colour, the sub-scale is dyed yellow. This creates an unexpected play of colours, which gives an element of surprise to the bag, apparently neutral.

Perfect for those who love unexpected details!

Medium size black handbag with light details by GLENI
At the moment it is not yet available online, but stay tuned! You can get to know her better soon 😊

What do you think of this model? What is your favourite variant? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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