Dearest friends, readers and loyal customers,

We are glad to introduce a new project that Gleni’s staff has decided to offer you: our GleniBoutique Blog.

This new blog aims to provide you with very detailed information about the numerous items available in our GleniBoutique, purchasing issues, payment methods, shipping organization and delivery times to be respected in case of returns.

Any other questions or concerns you feel the need of communicating can be freely shared with us in this page of the new blog: as usual, we’ll do our best to get back to you with the most accurate answer as soon as possible.

Obviously, since our business is deeply involved in the world of exotic leather, this space will be dedicated to a series of all the news, information and knowledge of exotic leather that we have gained over the years – in particular python, crocodile and ostrich. We’ll explain as simply as possible the main differences characterizing each type of leather, giving useful advice on how to choose between them, how to care for a genuine exotic leather item over the years, and the numerous production phases each item undergoes.

To give you an approximate idea, here is just a small sample of the main themes and debates that we will look at over the next little while. If you already think they could be of interest to you, we invite you to subscribe to our Feed in this page, or just via mail (if that is easier) and you will be immediately informed of the latest article posted in Gleniboutique’s new Blog.

  • Python leather: differences between the various species, how to choose, why does the same bag made from different kinds of python have different prices?;
  • 10 essential things to know before purchasing an exotic leather item;
  • Crocodile, Alligator or Caiman leather: how can I recognize which kind of leather I’m referring to?
  • Cites: what does this mean? Why is it so important? Can I do without it?
  • Exotic leather: a special column that will look at the most important aspects, to help all of you to make the right choice, and know which are the most important aspects and details to consider;
  • Handbags: what is the model that suits you best?

Naturally, we’ll feature presentations of our latest models, with detailed and exhaustive descriptions, as well as promotional and special offer advertisements, that you can be immediately updated with by subscribing to our Feeds of the present blog.

Otherwise, if you just want to receive updates directly to your e-mail address – as soon as new items are posted in our Gleniboutique – we invite you to register with this Feed (you will receive messages only when a new item is posted in our GleniBoutique).

So, now there’s nothing left to do but say hello to all of you, looking forward to keep in touch… the meantime, you can have a quick look at the new collections on our site, just by clicking in the menu on the right!

Here’s our first tip already … subscribing to GleniBoutique you will be the first to hear about and take advantage of very interesting discounts, up to 40%.

Subscribing won’t take you a minute! We are looking forward to seeing you here!

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