A Golden Year

GOLD – One of the essential colors this winter.

The reason? It’s a strong color, able to attract attention and accentuate the individuality of the person wearing it. Also, it is a timeless color, rich in meaning, and in honors that history has awarded: the color of wedding ring, of the Pharaohs, and of the prosperous periods of history, rightfully called the golden ages.

Gold luxury handbagThis shade is inspired from the royal ornaments of baroque churches, to reflections of the sun in mirrored waters, to ancient Roman amulets. It also represents something for every one of us: the story of our personal successes, joys, and powerful moments that could be symbolized through a charismatic and radiant color.

A gold purse serves as a metaphor for energy and the solar aspects of your being, highlighting your independent character and demonstrating the courage to wear an accessory of strong and original color. It will be, above all, a great way of battling the greys of the cold and rainy winter days!

We, at Gleni Boutique, let ourseleves be taken away by this gold fever, and in our collection we include a variety of purses in shades of gold. Some are completely gold, while others are based on differing tones, yet all of them feature the reference to this winter’s color.

Model 3857, for example, is inspired by arabic motifs with a variant of gold similar to bronze, creating a play of contrasts that gives the purse an exotic feel… the jewel of an Oriental princess.

Model 4782, with its base in matte gold and covered with silver floral motifs, represents the nordic charm of scandinavian ornaments.

Total Gold is, on the other hand, the definition we can give to the article in ostrich 4896. An edgy accessory to wear combined with a jacket or a black dress.

Another bag to mention is model 4870 in ostrich metallic gold. Given its versatile color, darker than the classic gold, this article will combine easily with various shades of winter clothes.

Gold is a very flexible and versatile color and there is a mulititude of ways in which it can be used, and infinite meanings that it can assume. To wear this color, however, calls for two simple, but at the same time difficult, rules to follow: the use of imagination and of common sense, in order to bring out the best in it and not fall victim to banality and exaggeration.

Would you like to see other Gleni purses in shades of gold?

Enter now in our online boutique.

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