Femme in liquid gold python: an accessory for all the seasons

Have you ever left home, inspired by the idea of finally finding a bag that you like in any smallest detail and that can finally enhance your look?

And how many times have you come back home disappointed by what you saw in the shop windows, disconsolate because nothing of what you have been proposed is able to enhance your style and let you stand out in all your charm?

We at Gleni often lived this situation in the past and that’s why we decided to create a bag model that could really encompass the essence of the true femininity into a quality accessory.

It is with this idea alive in our mind that we have conceived Femme.

Gold python bag

Already in the name, there is all the history of this bag; a luxury accessory created specifically for women, to give them all the class and elegance they want but without depriving them of the comfort that only a wide and well-structured item can offer.

The grace and sophistication of Femme, whose trapezoidal shape makes it a timeless heroine, blends with the shine of the liquid gold colour that inebriates and enlivens every scale of the python, making the article incredibly chic.

Gold tonality doesn’t develop uniformly over the entire surface but shows some bronze nuances in the peripheral sections of the bag, where python scales are smaller and rounded, while it is more vivid and sparkling in correspondence of the central sections and of the sides, where scales are wider and more enlengthened.

Gold bag in python leather

Liquid gold colour applied on python skin is very bright but not intense, and, in some situations, it almost tends to ivory. We opted for this variant because, in our opinion, the brightness of gold, enlightened in some points by bronze streaks, makes this bag an item from another time, giving it an aged but very glamorous effect.

Everything is further amplified by the extraordinary beauty of giant python, characterized by very large central scales, scales that highlight this contrast of gold-bronze tones, embellishing our Femme.

The vision of this refined bag won’t have certainly left you indifferent, but, beyond the glamorous and very attractive tonality, ideal to highlight every suit and give you a refined and elegant look, why do we think that Femme in liquid gold is the perfect bag for a woman of style as you are?

Gold python for women

Well, the answer is very simple!

Because, beyond its outward appearance, as seen above, Femme is very comfortable and functional. Its trapezoidal and structured shape, even if not rigid, will allow you to put any personal object or beauty secrets inside it in complete safety. The zip is in fact well protected and its inside, lined in cream fabric, offers a large zippered document pocket finished in genuine python (the same finish as the bag) and two open pockets where you can put your lipstick or cream for hands or your house keys so that you can easily find them every time you need them.

Femme in liquid gold is the right bag for every season:

– You can wear it in Autumn and counteract the greyness and monotony of cold rainy days with a burst of brightness and vivacity. Your look will thank you!

– What is better than showing off a gold bag in occasion of Christmas holidays? Gold, together with red, are the typical Christmas shades, so you and your bag in this context would be incredibly fashion!

– Spring, as we know, marks the time of rebirth, vigour and colour. Days are longer and brighter, and you leave the dull winter clothes to go back to wearing the soft and fresh tonalities of blooming nature. How would you see yourself with a soft beige or cream suit and your liquid gold Femme on the forearm? You would undoubtedly be wonderful.

– And in the summer? Let your gold Femme shine under the sun’s rays, combining it with a camel or burnt brown linen suit. Or choose to wear the colour you like the most because the bright but clear gold of this bag perfectly matches with everything, letting you shine like a real star of the firmament.

Woman's bag in gold

Moreover, its bright but, at the same time delicate and clear tonality, will allow you to use this bag both as a day bag, for your daily shopping, as well as evening bag, to show off proudly in occasion of a special evening, in company of friends or just with your partner!

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should buy our liquid gold Femme realized in genuine giant Back Cut python leather but, above all, there is a preeminent reason: because it is a precious jewel of fine Italian craftsmanship and, like all the most beautiful jewels, it too has its priceless value over the time.

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