Exotic Q&A: can you evaluate my vintage bag?

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Let’s open our new column of questions & answers with the one our readers ask us almost daily: can you rate my vintage / reptile bag? Can you tell me if it’s genuine leather?

The answer is yes we can, but let’s see how.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of exotic leather, we can evaluate the type of leather used to make your inherited vintage bag.

The evaluation request has a cost of € 15,00 + VAT and can be purchased at this link. Just put the product in the cart, as for any other bag and proceed to check-out choosing the type of payment you prefer.

Our evaluation will have no value for customs or legal purposes (for actual documents you must contact official bodies). Furthermore, we will not provide any financial value to your bag.

Do you make free evaluations?

No, we don’t do free evaluations.
It takes time to evaluate your bag: one of our leather specialists will have to temporarily abandon her commitments and spend time analyzing the photos and information provided. She will then have to write a report that she will send you by e-mail. Precisely for this reason the evaluation cannot be free.

However, if you don’t want to entrust your bag to the eyes of an expert, you can always try to personally evaluate your bag, helping yourself with our many articles:

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