Embroidered Caffellatte python

Driven by the desire to experiment the new techniques of workmanship and tanning of python directly on our products, we have decided to create an entire capsule collection in embroidered Caffellatte python.

We’re sure that you will soon fall in love with this variant of python with a… so tasty name!

Genuine embroidered python in caffellatte color GLENI

The embroidered python is so called because it is embellished by a real embroidery with thread developing all along the entire surface of the skin in a very delicate and elegant way.

For this working process, it is usually chosen a Reticulatus python of quite large sizes (at least a 30+) because, on a smaller python, the embroidery would be thicker and therefore the effect would not be so particular and refined. In addition, Reticulatus python leather is longer and therefore ideal for the creation of large, structured bags, such as our Dedizione or Zakita. The most preferable python cut is the Back Cut; in this case the section corresponding to the python back is cut in order to enhance the part of the belly.

The cut is made following the vertical line of the back of the animal and is characterized by large central scales which become smaller and rounded at the two sides.

The python livery, that is the natural design on the snake skin, thanks to this type of cut, is closer to the sides of the skin and doesn’t appear on the large central scales.

It is just in correspondence with the smaller scales, that is to say, of the lateral ones that these embroideries with thread are executed, more or less circular decorations that embellish the lateral sides of the leather and, consequently, the peripheral sections of our bags.

Genuine python skin with neutral base and embroidery by GLENI

But that’s not all!

It is in correspondence with these rather irregular circles, created by embroidery, that the leather is dyed with a different shade, in contrast with the one used for the central area, or anyway, brighter than the delicate base colouring the large central scales.

In our case, the basic shade is a mat Roccia (neutral grey-white), well visible near the central scales, while the side sections “enclosed” by these embroideries have been dyed in brown, in contrast with the beige thread of the decoration and with the neutral tone of the central python section.

Moreover, through these textured embroideries, we go can create a refined delimitation between the python section with large central scales and the lateral ones characterized by small, rounded scales.

Caffellatte embroidered python leather with neutral base by GLENI

The final effect is really bewitching. In fact, this processing gives the python a three-dimensional effect and the contrast between brown and Roccia tonalities, even if harmonious and well matched, makes the product refined but at the same time original, unique and precious.

Since our first approach with this leather working process, some years ago, we were literally captured by its uniqueness and its beauty, but we thought that a skin like this could stand out in all its glamor only on big sized and structured bags. Later, we realized that this worked python could be the ideal solution also for all those women who want to stand out from the crowd just wearing a simple clutch, like our Vera. The simplicity and the linearity of this clutch and the refinement of the embroidered python reach here the perfection, giving life to an accessory of undisputed charm.

Capsule collection of bags in embroidered caffellatte python leather

Are we intriguing you? Are you excited to see the peculiarity of this python skin with your own eyes?

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Do you like this python but not its Caffellatte colour?

Don’t worry! We can also produce this leather in other tonalities, from red to light blue, from green to yellow, according to your tastes and your requests.

Let us know what your favourite colour is and we will send you some personalized proposals!

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