Color Report – Spring 2017


As previously announced by the color of the year 2017, Greenery, this spring will be defined by colors originating from the world of nature.
Here, the proposals of the Pantone Color Institute:

Color Report – Spring 2017

Like Greenery, this palette is strongly inspired by nature and unequivocally evokes positive feelings of change and rebirth. It is composed of shades that combine a mix of vitality, relaxation and desire for a deep connection with the nature surrounding us.

Look around you, are these not the colors which characterize our world in the spring? Are they not the colors which trigger in us positive emotions and instill a deep sense of calm yet also vitality? Are they not the green of the forest and the blue of the sea which come to mind when we feel the need to disconnect from everyday routine and indulge for a while in the respite of nature?

These colors symbolize the promises, the hopes, the desire of rebirth and transformation that are awakened in us with every spring.

But what are the colors of this spring 2017 palette?

Primrose Yellow – the first color proposed is an intense yellow, such as the color of a Primrose variety, which stands out by the warmth and vitality that it gives off. It is a yellow which is reminiscent of the sunny days of spring that instill in us enthusiasm and good cheer.

Pale Dogwood – a very pale pink that imbues tranquility. It is the color of the healthy cheeks of a child, a non-intrusive color which recalls innocence and purity.

Hazelnut – an excellent neutral for spring, and the only true neutral color of this palette. Hazelnut is perfect to wear from one season to another.

Island Paradise – one of our favorite colors, it is the color that comes to mind when thinking of a beach holiday. It is a shade between blue and green, of a cool undertone, inspired by the crystalline waters of tropical seas.

Greenery – a lively and invigorating yellow-green. A color we have already gotten to know in our article on the color of the year 2017.

Flame – a red-based orange. Feisty and flamboyant, it is indeed the warmest color of the spring 2017 color palette.

Pink Yarrow – a color that takes its name from the Yarrow flower. A whimsical and tantalizing color, a color tempestuous and bold which, once worn, inevitably draws all attention to you.

Niagara – a classic blue denim, reliable and comfortable that instills feelings of relaxation and peace of mind.

Kale – literally “curly cabbage”, this shade of green (like Greenery) is reminiscent of a healthy lifestyle and stimulates our reunion with nature. It is a shade fairly dark yet at the same time neutral, perfect for combining with more vibrant colors in this palette.

Lapis Blue – the color of Lapis Lazuli, one of the most used precious stones in the world, dating back to the times of the pharaohs. An intense color, strong and confident. It is on the favorites list of several members of our team.
As was the case at the Greenery, this palette immediately entered our hearts: these colors seem to be born for use in our processes, contrasted or tone on tone … How original would be a python leather made of Flame and Pink Yarrow? Or a bag created with the blue tones of this 2017 spring palette? Or a leather that plays with the shades of green …
Needless to say we are already working on it! 😉

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