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Offida, come and discover it!

A place of traditions, lace and good food

After having known more in detail some of the most traditional celebrations that, every year, enliven people from the Piceno and attract thousands of tourists from all over the world and not only from Italy, (we invite all those who had the possibility to be here in occasion of these festivals to write us their impressions about these events), it’s now time to discover more in detail some among the most characteristic towns of our territory, very small hilltop villages that have a great artistic, cultural, environmental and culinary heritage.

Offida - Marche

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The lands of Piceno: art, history and tradition for an unforgettable summer

If you chose to spend your holidays in Italy and maybe give yourself a few days of absolute relax, far from the chaos of the city and light years away from problems and tensions, the Piceno area is the ideal place to book your stay. Whether you love the sea or the mountains, you will find the right atmosphere to relax and experience a truly unique holiday! Within a few tens of kilometres in fact, you will have sea and mountains, hilly areas and plains where Nature reigns supreme with its summery colours and its unmistakable scents.

The Piceno area

The Piceno area (Image taken from Google)

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Feast of the Epiphany: Traditions and customs MADE IN ITALY on this special day dedicated to children

The feast of the Epiphany, celebrated on January 6, has always been here in Italy a day charged with feelings and conflicting emotions: on one hand it marks the end of the Christmas season and all the joyful and carefree moments spent in the company of friends and family in front of a good homemade panettone or a glass of Italian sparkling wine; on the other it embodies one of the most anticipated and cherished days by all children as they unquestionably become the main characters of the day. It is the day of gifts and surprises, exciting and unforgettable moments that every child looks forward to throughout the year, a day they are led to euphoria and a boundless joy.

Founded as a religious feast of the Catholic faith – we remember on this day the visit of the Magi Kings to the Christ Child at the cove in Bethlehem and the homage they paid with gifts such as gold, frankincense and myrrh – the Epiphany has become a day of celebration for all children who, since the night before, await with eagerness and anticipation the arrival of the Befana.

Befana Made in Italy

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