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Special events: all the accessories for a perfect outfit

May and June bring, besides the good weather, the ceremony season that gives as much joy as stress. Whether it is the wedding of the best friend, the confirmation of the nephew or an important event, we are always faced with the doubt: what should we wear?

It is enough to surf the web to find many tutorials on what you SHOULDN’T wear to a wedding or on the perfect outfit for a bridesmaid or a godmother. But what if you don’t want to buy a new dress and, why not, recycle the one you used last year? Or maybe add a nice touch to a basic dress in your wardrobe?

We got you covered.

Accessories to wear to your next big event

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8 reasons: why you should buy a new belt this Spring

Did you know that the belt is an item with very ancient origins? The first evidence dates back to the Bronze Age. An accessory with such a long history has necessarily taken on many rich, different meanings, besides the most practical one: to keep the pants steady and firm!

In the time of ancient Rome, the belt also had a symbolic value, enough to represent a “status symbol” able to demonstrate the role and weight in society, while starting from the Renaissance it enters the female fashion becoming an ornament and a symbol of elegance and refinement.

Today the belt is an essential accessory in the male wardrobe, a little less in the female one. Why? Very often this practical ornament is considered unnecessary, inconvenient or difficult to match.

Actually, the belt is a very simple and complete accessory, able to radically transform an outfit and change your figure. For this reason, never underestimate its usefulness!

In this article, we will give you 8 reasons to wear a belt. We are sure that at the end of this reading you won’t be able to resist buying a new one!

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Color Report Fall/Winter 2017

San Benedetto del Tronto is still immersed in the summer weather, yet the rest of the world slowly lets go to the arrival of fall and its colors.

Like every year, the begining of Fashion Week all over the world marks the passage into the new season, and the inevitable “change of wardrobe”: and this is the time to say goodbye to light dresses and saturated colors, leaving room for fall garments of warm and enveloping undertones.

What are the colors of this Fall/ Winter 2017 and how have we interpreted them for GLENI Boutique?

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The artisan bag made in Italy

Quality, creativity, originality, class and style! These are some of the attributes which by now are associated with the legendary “Made in Italy”. They are characteristics of a product which cares about the honor, as well as legal right, to express this coveted mark well known by all, whether in Italy or around the world. The artisan bag made in Italy is no exception, rather it is one of the articles most representative of the unparalleled fashion designed and produced in the boot.Italian luxury puthon bag

And so all of the runways of the world, whether haute couture or prèt-à-porter, collection after collection, are boasting these mini masterpieces of design, many of which are made right here in this beautiful country. Whether a famous brand or an emerging label, the artisan bag made in Italy always has a unique character, and the more discerning fashionistas recognize it with the bat of an eye. Continue reading

Color Report – Spring 2017


As previously announced by the color of the year 2017, Greenery, this spring will be defined by colors originating from the world of nature.
Here, the proposals of the Pantone Color Institute:

Color Report – Spring 2017

Like Greenery, this palette is strongly inspired by nature and unequivocally evokes positive feelings of change and rebirth. It is composed of shades that combine a mix of vitality, relaxation and desire for a deep connection with the nature surrounding us.

Look around you, are these not the colors which characterize our world in the spring? Are they not the colors which trigger in us positive emotions and instill a deep sense of calm yet also vitality? Are they not the green of the forest and the blue of the sea which come to mind when we feel the need to disconnect from everyday routine and indulge for a while in the respite of nature? Continue reading

A return to nature. Color of the year 2017

The annual press release regarding the PANTONE color of the year has finally been issued:  the color of the year 2017 will be GREENERY, a color that draws all the vitality and freshness of nature.

The Color Institute itself defines Greenery as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew” and in our opinion it is one of the more evocative descriptions of all time.

Color 2017

Greenery is a lively and vibrant color which recalls the image of the first leaves on the trees, the first stems of the flowers and the smell of a morning meadow, immediately sparking vitality and high spirits in those who observe. Continue reading

The Array of Exotic Leather

Trends are ruling the world. Fashion is changing in every season, and every season has its own ‘it’ objects. What about a luxury bag? Do you buy just to accommodate yourself to the new fashion trends or because it is a piece that you will wear for many seasons unlike all the ever-shifting clothes?

Classical luxury handbags will certainly be the main pieces of your closet for many seasons. What makes it so special? Why do we even buy second hand vintage handbags? What makes a bag special is; the combination of unique design, the quality, the craftsmanship and the leather. A leather bag, if a well, it is made from exotic leather, will never look old fashioned for many years. That is why your daughter is using your crocodile bag, that you were wearing in your 30’s. And that is why you spend your money to invest that bag.Luxury exotic leather handbags

More than ever, brands are using exotic leathers as a symbol of luxury, distinction and high-end quality. Of course there are people who does not prefer exotic leather, because of their old fashioned designs. In this moment, Italian design steps in. Italian design which is respected by the world, treats the exotic leather like a jewel, and exotic leather gains modernity and glory that it deserves. That is how you get the perfect luxury handbag that you can use for years. Continue reading


When we buy an item Made in Italy we do not purchase just a product. We purchase a value made of quality, elegance, research. There are many sectors which claim the quality Made in Italy, from gastronomy to automobiles, from furnishings to fashion. The luxury of Made in Italy is forever known and renowned not only nationally, but also internationally, where it is forced to contend with Asian competitors that rely on low prices to the detriment of quality. A considerable difference in the way of conceiving a product, given that the history and tradition of Italian luxury is based on genius and creativity, on beauty and innovation, on refinement and elegance, on quality and originality.

Italian handbagsOne of the industries in which Made in Italy most expresses itself is fashion, as exalted on all runways national and international. It is of fashion that we want to speak, pausing and analyzing a product forever admired and celebrated in this field: Italian handbags. More and more international celebrities choose Italian bags to complete their look, testimony to the fact that this accessory produced in Italy has bewitched by now also foreign markets. Continue reading

Red – the color to bet on if you don’t want to go wrong!

The more you have, the more you want: when it comes to bags, women are insatiable and they would go nuts to get their hands on the latest design from their favorite designer. To be sure, there is nothing wrong with that, given the extraordinary amount of choice now on the market, especially during the Christmas period, when shops and boutiques are beautifully decorated with sparking lights and decorations to grab your attention and lure you in to savor the latest available trends.

Red handbag made in Italy

With Christmas coming and with all those presents – more or less satisfying –  how can you not fantasize about the perfect accessory we would like to find wrapped up under the Christmas tree?

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LineaPelle: news and trends for fall/winter 2013-14.

On 9 October 2012 Bologna hosted the LineaPelle fair, the leather fair that takes place regularly every six months in this Italian city; many of the most famous Italian master tanners take part presenting new and interesting proposals regarding the delightful world of leather to all the trade professionals.

This year the event – which we at Gleni just had to check out for  the latest trends in exotic leather – attracted an impressive number of visitors from all over Italy (and beyond). The parking garages were crowded with cars from the first to the last level and finding a place to leave your car, we assure you, was a great effort. Continue reading