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Travel collection: Gleni always by your side

Gleni brand has established itself over the years for its careful commitment in the search of a quality product that could fully satisfy both the man and woman of style, lovers of luxury but also of refinement, promoters of the genuine Made in Italy craftsmanship in the world.

It is with this fixed idea in mind that we all worked diligently together with our staff of craftsmen, making every collection of women’s handbags and small leather accessories a tribute to the real essence of Italian craftsmanship through the choice of selected exotic leather, rigorously controlled and certified by Cites or through the choice of models with a sober and elegant style that, however, don’t neglect the haute couture trends.

Many were the sacrifices, the extra hours spent all together to evaluate which leather and color could better bring out a model rather than the other and great was the meticulousness with which our craftsmen have given life and shape to our articles, leading attention to every detail, even to the smallest, to make each of our products impeccable and make you proud of our work.

We have put so much effort during these years, but there have been many satisfactions, especially on your part. In fact, it was you who, with your daily appreciation, with your compliments and, why not, even with your little criticism and suggestions, encouraged us to go forward with passion and dedication to our work, supporting us with affection also in the most difficult moments.

It is precisely to thank you for all the esteem that over the years you have always shown us that we at Gleni have decided to open the new year 2019 with a truly exclusive gift for all of you:

A collection of travel bags made entirely of exotic leather

Luxury suitcase in python by GLENI

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Merry Christmas!

The GLENI team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Let yourself be enthralled by the magic that characterizes Christmas: spend the holidays in the company of your loved ones and surround yourself with tranquility and joy.

Merry Christmas!

Femme in liquid gold python: an accessory for all the seasons

Have you ever left home, inspired by the idea of finally finding a bag that you like in any smallest detail and that can finally enhance your look?

And how many times have you come back home disappointed by what you saw in the shop windows, disconsolate because nothing of what you have been proposed is able to enhance your style and let you stand out in all your charm?

We at Gleni often lived this situation in the past and that’s why we decided to create a bag model that could really encompass the essence of the true femininity into a quality accessory.

It is with this idea alive in our mind that we have conceived Femme.

Gold python bag

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Christmas gift guide: for Her

The most magical time of the year has arrived and with it also the race to find the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. Like every year, GLENI decided to help you in this challenge by creating a Christmas gift guide for her and for him.

While last year we based our guide on our personalities, this year we decided to divide it according to the budget.

Let’s start immediately with the gift guide for Her. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mother, a partner or a friend, in Gleni’s boutique you can find different ideas suitable for all budgets.

Presents for women Christmas 2018

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Offida, come and discover it!

A place of traditions, lace and good food

After having known more in detail some of the most traditional celebrations that, every year, enliven people from the Piceno and attract thousands of tourists from all over the world and not only from Italy, (we invite all those who had the possibility to be here in occasion of these festivals to write us their impressions about these events), it’s now time to discover more in detail some among the most characteristic towns of our territory, very small hilltop villages that have a great artistic, cultural, environmental and culinary heritage.

Offida - Marche

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Become Gleni’s brand ambassador!

If fashion is your passion and you’ve always dreamt of owning a unique luxury handbag, made in the finest leather and 100% Made in Italy, then this article is right for you.

The work of fashion bloggers and influencers is no longer a rarity: there are many requests for collaboration that we receive from many willing and passionate girls, but obviously we cannot accept them all.

For this reason, we came up with a programme for everyone, so we no longer have to say no!

Whether you are an aspiring blogger, a renowned influencer or simply a social network lover, it will be easy and convenient to participate!

What is this programme and how does it work?

Simply in earning points that will allow you to receive discounts and gifts. Here is how to participate:

  • Contact us and ask for a personal code and a coupon to share with your friends and followers: the first one has a value of 10% discount that only you can use on our website and its value can be increased by collecting points, the second is for your followers and it has a 10% discount value.
  • Promote GLENI on any social, using your coupon, your pictures or the ones we will provide you.

You will receive:

  • 1 point for every € 100 spent by your followers with your coupon;

Once you reach 5 points, you can take advantage of the first bonus!

Easy, right? You can promote your coupon on any channel, with no limit on our part. In addition, you will not be obliged to make any purchases with your personal code to start: you can decide not to use it and simply promote our brand with the pictures we will provide or that you can take from our site.

Every time you reach 5 more points, the bonus of your personal code will increase. The goals you can reach are:

  • 5 points – your discount in our boutique will increase from 10% to 20%;
  • 10 points – you can choose whether to increase your discount from 20% to 40% or to spend the points for a gift (the points collection, therefore, will start again from 0);
  • 15 points – your discount in our boutique will rise to 60%;
  • 20 points – you can choose whether to further increase your discount to 80% or to spend it to receive a free product (the points collection, therefore, will start again from 0).

Every time someone makes a purchase using your coupon, you will receive an email from our website with purchase details and points balance.

To take part in the programme, you just need to contact us at!

Collaborate with GLENI to earn special prizes!

Perfect for a vintage look: Adele

We continue with the presentation of our most beloved products. If you missed the previous articles, here’s where you can read them:


Lady with butterflies


Since summer is the perfect season to leave the big bags that accompany us in winter, today we want to introduce the little Adele: a mini bag with a 40’s diva allure .

Pochette bleu en python


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The lands of Piceno: art, history and tradition for an unforgettable summer

If you chose to spend your holidays in Italy and maybe give yourself a few days of absolute relax, far from the chaos of the city and light years away from problems and tensions, the Piceno area is the ideal place to book your stay. Whether you love the sea or the mountains, you will find the right atmosphere to relax and experience a truly unique holiday! Within a few tens of kilometres in fact, you will have sea and mountains, hilly areas and plains where Nature reigns supreme with its summery colours and its unmistakable scents.

The Piceno area

The Piceno area (Image taken from Google)

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#4: What should you do when you receive a product provided with Cites certification?

In our previous article, we tried to explain you more in detail what a Cites certificate is and why this document is so important for us, as producers and exporters of exotic leather goods, but, above all, for the environment surrounding us.

Making sure that an exotic leather product is certified by Cites means not only having the certainty of purchasing an exclusive item made of quality and fine leathers, but also safeguarding Nature and the continuation of many otherwise endangered animal species.

Requesting 100% certified Cites leather when ordering or buying a certain item in exotic leather means fighting poaching and illegal hunting, thus ensuring a slow but gradual repopulation of many species, still protected because threatened with extinction within their natural habitat.

Now that we have raised awareness of this theme and made you more conscious of how our business works, what rules we must follow and how much effort we put into our work every day, it is time to understand how the Cites certificate can affect the timing and methods of receiving the product by the end customer.

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