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#6: How to take care of your exotic leather product ?

Buying an exotic leather product, a day bag, a clutch bag or a simple wallet is for many people a well-thought-out choice that comes after several days of reflection and after evaluating each variant in its smallest detail. For many of them this is the purchase of the life, the achievement of an important goal that has been reached even after many sacrifices. 

A handcrafted high quality exotic leather product, entirely handmade with top quality materials, 100% Made in Italy certified, has in fact its own prestige and its indelible value over time but it has also a rather important cost, given that the materials composing it are very expensive. 

That’s why, when you decide to buy a product in exotic leather, you evaluate everything in the smallest detail since you want to be sure that what you’ll have in your hands is something unique, a creation able to satisfy all your tastes and needs, an item that will accompany you over the years with the same elegance and pure beauty of the first days. 

Your intentions to keep your item impeccable are multiple: you are careful when you clasp the bag in your hand, you put the wallet in its little box every time after using it and above all, you pay attention to where you leave our “precious” treasure. 

Over time, however, maybe because you become a little lazy or maybe because you are in a hurry  (life becomes more and more hectic), you begin to no longer give the right attention to the correct preservation of your exotic leather accessories and the negative implications, unfortunately , don’t delay in arriving … 

If initially the leather, python and anaconda in particular, is bright and colours too are clear and defined, with the passing of time you realize that shades have become duller and the skin looks dirty and no more beautiful. 

What is this really all about? To the poor quality of materials that are not so “of fine quality” as Gleni has been affirming since long time and reiterates in every occasion and circumstance? To the exotic leather that has not received the right protective treatment and therefore loses beauty and harmony after a short time? 

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Naponos python: for an extra exotic touch

Python leather natural design

Today we continue talking about our exotic leathers, proposing you another type of python processing, a workmanship that we have already been using for some time but that, today, we want to introduce you more closely: Naponos python. This process is, in our opinion, one of the most refined and representative among our pythons workmanships because with its colours, often put in contrast each other, it highlights the natural livery of exotic skin, its natural design with its concentric geometries and its scales that seem to open to the touch.

But how is NAPONOS WORKMANSHIP made? Let’s see it together.

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“Rope” python leather: innovation and technology for a made in Italy quality product

After opening our section presenting the “embroidered python” in Caffellatte variant, a truly original and refined python that has already captured the heart of many of our customers, we want to talk today about another python we are very proud about: “rope” python.

From the name, you can easily see that it is a very particular kind of python, very different from the image we all have of the classic python skin, with its soft scales and its shading colours.

Rope python in fact, at the mere sight, doesn’t look like a python but it has the look of a real rope, composed of intertwined threads giving life to a well-structured and strong fabric. Scales that, as we have repeated several times, characterize the real python skin, seem here almost inexistent and even the colour is identical to that one of the rope, with its grey and white shades.

Rope python perfect for travel bags

But how is it possible that python skin, soft and supple as we have always known it, characterized by qualities such as harmony, elegance, softness and beauty, can suddenly assume the appearance of a rigid, structured and full-bodied rope?

It seems impossible but it is just like that.

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#5: Should I feel guilty about dreaming of a crocodile bag?

The crocodile bag – harm or benefit for conserving the species?

* N.B. Everything indicated below refers to crocodile leather products; Such information, however, also applies to python leather products. Principles and ideas are quite similar.

Imagine a chic leather crocodile bag displayed in the showcase of a trendy boutique in the city centre. How do you feel looking at it? Enchanted by its exclusivity and driven by the desire to buy it right away? Bothered by the use of the skin from an exotic animal? Or totally indifferent? Have you ever heard of Cites?

“But what does a crocodile bag have to do with CITES? And, above all, what does it have to do with me?” – You may be asking yourself and you are right, because this connection, tough direct and immediate, is not obvious and familiar to many of us.

Nevertheless, it is precisely through compliance with CITES regulations that the purchase of this bag not only will not harm the environment, but will also stimulate the growth of these animals in their natural habitat.

You don’t believe it? It is, however, exactly the case! Let’s see together how it works.

Crocodile bag a harm or a benefit for the conservation of the species?

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New column: secrets behind our creations

Since its first beginnings as manufacturer and exporter of luxury leather goods, Gleni has distinguished itself for constant commitment in the search for styles and materials that could characterize products making them unique and unrepeatable.

We have always given importance to the design of our models, trying to create products able to enhance the appearance of the person wearing them but, at the same time, also to ensure comfort and practicality, preferring models with a sober and classic line, able to last in time. We pay attention to the hardware used for the finishes of our products, always opting for a qualitative accessory but, above all, we invest a large part of our working time in the selection and choice of leathers we use to give life to our products.

This is perhaps the aspect of our work that most involves and intrigues us, maybe because our staff is completely  made up of women and we are all very curious to discover what new colours and new different treatments of exotic leather have been proposed by tanneries at the Lineapelle (the six-monthly fair specifically dedicated to the presentation of novelties in matter of leather).

Every time there is to prepare a new collection, we spend a lot of time choosing the skin that, in our opinion, best fits the model of one bag rather than another and, every time, we try to find a colour or maybe a leather process able to transform our collection into something unique, superb and irresistible.

Choose between our colors the one you like for your bag