Genuine alligator / crocodile products: a purchase that lasts a lifetime

Alligator crocodile productsVery often we want to put across an individual and respectable image to those around us, both at work meetings with commercial partners or with important clients, and for romantic dinners or a social event. At times like these, we can’t possibly fail to show the most fashionable clothes and accessories, which, as well as being incredibly in vogue and top quality, can also reveal and highlight our unique and original style, testifying to our taste in beauty and our ability in making the wisest choices.

Top of this list are, of course, products in genuine exotic leather, a Must of past seasons, much appreciated and used by the most renowned houses of fashion and important designers.

In this article we will talk about genuine crocodile (or alligator) leather, a very expensive and prestigious material, known for making exclusive accessories.

Whatever items we decide to apply it to – either an elegant women’s bag or a structured men’s professional bag, a small and refined pochette or a precious wallet (without forgetting high-quality shoes, which of course indicate the status of the person wearing them!), one thing is certainly true: every item made from genuine alligator leather will become an object of pride over the years, complementing your look and confirming your reputation as a self-confident person.

Alligator high-quality shoesGenuine crocodile (alligator) leather has been always treated with care and devotion by the master tanners as well as by those involved in the distribution of the finished products, thanks to its amazing qualities. Although quite a thick leather, it is also very flexible and characterized by a unique and enchanting patterned design, very soft to the touch. The processing of this kind of material requires a well qualified skill – mistakes are not accepted during the creation of a product in genuine crocodile leather!

Traditionally the Italian tanners are the most qualified and skilled, having honed their art over years and years of work.

When purchasing a genuine crocodile product, it is extremely important to make the right choice, as nowadays, following the usual temporary trends of the moment, fashion and accessories factories are popping up like mushrooms!

So, be careful because only the real masters – those who really know all the secrets of this complicated work – can create a piece of art that will stay by your side for so long.

Maybe it is superfluous to remind our loyal customers that every article in genuine exotic leather – not considering whether the final product is made of only one piece or more – is only hand crafted.

Before reaching your hands, the accessory you are interested in has made a long journey: every single model has had the right quantity of leather selected, then tinted according to the customer’s preferences, and only later the material has been cut. This is a very important and responsible step, since it establishes the artisan skills in highlighting the natural beauty of the leather pattern, and, moreover, his ability in dealing with those small faults that could occur on crocodile leather. It is the cutter who decides how many leather panels are necessary for the making of a specific model. Of course, another important step is the sewing process: since the material is very expensive, a great skill and knowledge of the job is required!Alligator handbag

Moreover, thanks to new technologies in leather processing, we are now able to find a great variety of chromatic combinations to satisfy even the most extravagant tastes.

Our preference goes towards the natural effect of the matt version of crocodile (or alligator) that, combined with its natural pattern, always gives that hint of classic elegance to the item, underlining the highly expensive nature of the material.

Of course, a great variety of crocodile leathers and a perfect tanning procedure can only be found in the best Italian tanneries.

In our boutique, not only could you find the model that best satisfies your style, but you will have the chance of ordering the accessories of your dreams, just by describing what you are looking for. On demand of the future owner, a handbag in crocodile leather can also come with python detailing, creating a unique combination between these two kinds of luxury materials that will point out the unique style of the person who will wear it!

So, listen to your imagination, taste, passion and sense of beauty and put yourself into the hands of professional and expert Italian masters: surely the result will be even more positive than your expectations.

Respectability, self-confidence and excellent style will be the main characteristics that a genuine crocodile leather product bestows on the person who wears it. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to make a gift of luxury to yourself or you wish to find a worthy gift for the most special person in your life; this purchase will surely be a precious investment, because the passing of years won’t be able to damage the high-quality crocodile leather, and your choice will say a lot about yourself, more than words can do!


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