Become a retailer

Are you a retailer? Would you like to get more information about our products and on how to collaborate with us? Do you want our products to enrich your store?
This is the right place to find all the information you need!

GLENI can offer you high-quality items, handcrafted and provided with 100% Italian Origin certification.

We have been working with exotic leather for over 15 years, paying the utmost attention to every single detail.

Bags are not just a simple accessory: here at GLENI we believe that they are a treasure chest where every woman keeps her secrets and her essentials for the day. As every woman is unreplaceable, so our bags too are unique, unrepeatable and not produced in series.  In fact, we only produce one item per model, allowing each woman to feel special and confident.

Gleni’s creations are not meant to be kept in a wardrobe waiting for the right occasion to wear them, but they are made to be shown off immediately. GLENI bags must be purchased by falling in love, by feeling that they are perfectly matching the mood of that moment.

If you want your customers to feel special, we have something for you!

For us at GLENI it is vital that every woman feels free to express her personality. The same applies to retailers!
We don’t impose our colours, but we give you the possibility to create a GLENI Capsule Collection that suits your boutique and your costumers.
Would you like a total black collection? No problem!
Or do you think that maybe your customers appreciate bright colours? We got it!
We’ll assist you in every step of the production, helping you choosing the models, leathers, colours that suit your needs and we will ship the final creations in your store.

Other important information is as follows:

  • The minimal order is of 5 products, even different from each other.
  • 40% deposit is required. The rest of the payment takes place before the shipping.
  • Eventually, you can decide to develop a “corner” program with our products. Thanks to this program, not only you can get our products, but we will also provide you with the necessary material to inform your clients in the best way.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your customers fall in love: offer them a GLENI product. Practical and comfortable, high-quality and always elegant. Trust in GLENI!

 For any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address