Terms and conditions

Last update: 16 September 2019

The access and the use of the gleniboutique.com  website require compliance with all the terms and conditions listed below. We kindly ask you to read this document with particular attention before ordering any kind of product through our online shop on the web.

Access to the website and its use require the knowledge and the respect of the following conditions, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
By ordering a product in our gleniboutique.com, you thereby declare that you accept the terms and conditions and you give your consent for Gleni to perform the services required to process the order itself. The customer also declares to have read and understood in any smallest detail all the information remarked on the page “membership” and to respect all the rules indicated in its inside



The aforementioned agreement may be subject to change at any time. Each modification will become immediately effective as soon as the change of contract is notified.

To access the website and use it, the customer consents to abide by the contract and take note of its subsequent amendments.



All orders will be received via web, by phone or via fax. We ask you to check your order in detail before confirming it, as Gleni takes no responsibility for any errors on your part. Any incorrect data or any information given through the confirmation of the order would be in fact used for the formulation of the contract itself.
Gleni reserves the exclusive right to accept or refuse an order or to contract it within the prescribed time limits.



The prices of items are indicated on the product-sheet of goods available in Gleni Boutique.

Every product-sheet shows the price of the item itself. If the system recognizes the country from which the customer is accessing the website, this price includes the Vat tax (for customers who are contacting us from Italy or from any other country belonging to the European Union) or it includes Cites costs (for customers who are contacting our online boutique from a country not included in the European Union).

For all those customers accessing gleniboutique.com from any country not belonging to the European Union, Cites costs will be added to the cost of goods (the Cites service is carried out before the order is shipped). In this case, however, Vat is not added, given that it is not taxable on purchases made by customers living in countries outside the European Union.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you register your details and indicate your shipping address, as it is only by following this procedure, that the customer will be able to know the correct total cost of the selected product.

Shipping costs will be calculated for the customer after he has selected the chosen delivery method and completed his purchase request by inserting all the personal data requested and the address that the goods should be shipped to.

Customs costs here in Italy will be paid by Gleni while all the customs costs in the destination country will be paid by the recipient of the goods themselves.

If the requested items are not available, the customer will immediately be informed via e-mail. Variations in price and the availability of the product indicated in the Gleniboutique.com website are subject to change without notice.

The customer will be immediately informed of the dispatch of filled orders via e-mail, providing him with the tracking number of the shipment itself, if available.



The goods will be shipped as soon as the payment will be received and verified and as soon as all the documents will be ready.

This operation, usually, takes only a few days (even if it could happen that some payments are checked within a longer time) and articles are shipped within a week from the day of the confirmation of the payment by Gleni Staff.

This is valid only when the purchase has to be shipped within Italy or to a country of European Union (except Switzerland).


If the item has to be shipped to a country extra European Union (or Switzerland), it will be dispatched from 7 to 10 working days from the day of the payment confirmation (it could happen that some payments are checked within a longer time), as Gleni will have to request the drawing up of Cites certificate by the agency responsible for the service (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, signed in 1973, which actually boasts a membership of 125 countries). This convention was created to protect rare and distinct species of fauna and flora by regulating trade in the species themselves and all their derivatives. The applied restrictions on rare species of animals and plants refer to monkeys, wild cats, birds, snakes, lizards, orchids and cactus, and any products derived from them: tiger, leopard, jaguar and lion skins, handbags, belts, wallets and any other accessory made of python, crocodile, alligator, lizard and cobra leathers.

A Cites certificate is compulsory to export goods made of exotic leather into all those countries not included in the European Community.

A Cites certificate is not required for the shipment of goods made with certain kinds of ostrich leathers, as, to ship these products, it’s sufficient to show a simple Washington declaration to the relevant authorities, completed and signed by the applicant company, that is by Gleni.

All the costs concerning the receipt of goods in the destination country (taxes, documents, and importing certificates requested by the individual customs of some extra-European countries, which may vary from country to country), must be paid by the buyer, who is warmly recommended to get all the relevant information from the customs authorities of his country concerning the laws regulating export permits for goods made of exotic leather (we recommend to verify it before placing an order), and the costs of customs clearance that, we remind you, must exclusively be paid by the buyer.

It is absolutely the responsibility of the customer to see to the payment of any customs fees, Vat taxes or any other expense in his own country of residence, also in relation to possible returns.

Gleni is not responsible for any kind of problem concerning the request for further documentation for of extra costs levied by the customs authorities in the country of destination for the clearance of goods.



All the product descriptions published on the website http://www.gleniboutique.com/ are as detailed and updated as far as possible.

The articles may be subject to slight variations in colour, as it is not always possible to get perfect photographic resolution in the artificial light used to take the photographs at Gleni Boutique, and further to guarantee that the purchased goods are the actual ones photographed and present in the store. However, any minor changes in the shade of colour in no way affect the sophistication and quality of the product which is guaranteed by our company.

Any slight anomaly in the regular structure of exotic skins (either python, crocodile, ostrich and Ligator Croc), is an indication of the genuineness and authenticity of the leather used and therefore can not be regarded as a defect or imperfection but simply as a natural feature of the leather itself.

The images of each product are as accurate as possible, however, they may differ very slightly from the product purchased, for example, in colour, shape and size.

All weights and measurements are approximate.



Orders are considered accepted only once Gleni Staff send the customer an order confirmation email (usually within 24 hours).

In case the shipping address is different from the address the customer provided during registration, and despite sending e-mail confirming order, gleniboutique.com reserves the right to subordinate the acceptance of the order until customer’s residence has been verified, also through requesting copies of the appropriate documents (identity card, credit card, etc.), often specifically requested by our payment system, which can be sent by fax or via email.



Credit Cards

Safe Gateway SSL 128 bit


Visa – Maestro – Mastercard


Transaction on the safe SSL server. 

No card information is known by Gleni S.r.l. in any step of the Transaction.

The order will be shipped as soon as we receive and check the authenticity of the payment. 

This method of payment usually requires more time to be verified than the other payments.

(For orders where the total amount is higher than € 5.000,00, we highly recommend payment through wire transfer for the security of the customer.)




Transaction on the safe SSL server. 

No card information is known by Gleni S.r.l. in any step of the Transaction.

The shipment will be shipped as soon as we receive and check the authenticity of the payment.


Wire transfer


As soon as the customer places the order, he has 5 days to make the transfer and to send a receipt to Gleni.


In case these terms are not fulfilled, the order will be immediately cancelled and the item ordered will be available again in our online boutique.

The order will be shipped as soon as we receive and check the authenticity of the payment.

(Customer's bank fees are to be paid by the customer itself. We will pay the fees in our bank.)


Paypal Gateway

Safe Gateway SSL 128 bit

Possibility to pay by credit card without owning an account.


Possibility to pay by credit card or bank account owning a Paypal account.


Visa – Maestro - Mastercard

Transaction on the safe SSL server. 

No card information is known by Gleni S.r.l. in any step of the Transaction.

The order will be shipped as soon as we receive and check the authenticity of the payment. 

This method of payment usually requires more time to be verified than the other payments.

(For orders where the total amount is higher than € 5.000,00, we highly recommend payment through wire transfer for the security of the customer.)

Wire Transfer  

The staff GLENI will contact the customer to communicate the new amount of the order.

As soon as the customer places the order, he has 5 days to make the wire transfer and to send a receipt to Gleni. If these time-periods are not respected, the product will be available again and the order will be cancelled.

The order will be shipped as soon as we receive and check the authenticity of the payment. 


This is not a definitive payment.

The client will have the possibility to reserve an item for three days for free.

During this time, he may contact GLENI staff and ask for more information about the product.

 At the end of the three days, the client can agree with the staff for the payment method or cancel the order.

Payment by instalments  

Payment by instalments.


The staff reserves the right to accept or refuse each request.


The payment by instalments will be defined in accordance with GLENI staff, considering the following specific conditions:

  • The payment by instalments is not available for products with a value of less than € 1.000,00 (ex. A handbag with a total cost of € 900,00 cannot be paid by instalments)
  • Each instalment cannot be lower than € 400,00
  • The payment by instalment cannot exceed six months from the first payment
  • In case of withdrawal, the instalments paid will not be refunded.

The product will be shipped as soon as the last instalment is accepted and verified. The same product will not be subject to withdrawal, except for reasons of product defects or receipt of a different item from what agreed previously.



The customer has the right to terminate the contract without penalty and without having to provide reasons within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of any product for sale on the site.

The right of withdrawal is subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions:

•  The products must not bear signs of sagging and usage or scratches that might compromise the resale of themselves as a "new product".

•  The label, if present at the time of delivery, must not have been separated or removed.

•  Products must be returned in original packaging.

The returns can only be made by private clients.

This right cannot be applied to customers who buy goods for resale, or those who require special personalization to be executed on the product.

All the goods available on gleniboutique.com at a DISCOUNTED price are not subject to any return, refund or substitution policy

The customer may not exercise the right to withdraw from the provision of services once their performance has begun, with the consent of the consumer, before the expiry of the period prescribed by law. This clause also concerns the provision of CITES documentation for all shipments to countries outside the European Union, whose request is made to the authorities empowered by Gleni promptly upon receipt of notification of purchase.

In order to proceed with the return of the purchased goods subject to withdrawal, the customer must notify Gleni of its intention to cancel the purchase within 14 days of receipt of the goods. Such communication may be sent to the following email address gleni@gleni.it.

The customer, after sending notice to Gleni of his intention to withdraw, shall begin as soon as possible to return the goods, but not exceeding further additional 5 days after the notification occurred.

The goods subject to withdrawal travel at customer’s risk and expense, who is therefore required to agree by e-mail or telephone with Gleni on the choice of the most appropriate means of transport depending on the condition and value of the returned goods.

Gleni will then inform the customer about the acceptance of the return and authorize the customer to send the package containing the goods in strict observance of the following rules:

1. The goods being returned must be carefully placed in the original packaging so as to ensure an appropriate packaging for the transport method chosen;

2. The nomenclature of the goods and the quality indicated on the package are compliant with the accompanying invoice that is always included in the shipment;

3. That the packaging of the goods is intact, dry and free of any signs of damage.

For any discrepancy on the amount or the information on the packaging, on the missing items, damage or on any other issue, you must immediately notify the carrier and our customer service department, providing both with all the basic information needed.

Gleni reserves the right to refuse the return of goods that show in whole or in part obvious signs that the same has been worn or otherwise damaged and / or altered.

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding with any initiative concerning the return of goods by any means, please contact the customer service department at Gleni via e-mail or phone operator, with information about the decision and get the consent of the company. If this procedure is not followed, Gleni will not be required to make any refunds for the returned merchandise.



1. Upon initiation of the return procedure, please use all possible precautions to avoid any damage or loss. If the customer does not follow these rules, Gleni reserves the right to refuse the return of the goods and to deny the refund.

2. Identify the parcels in a clear manner.

3. After that, the returned goods must be sent, at the customer’s expense, to the address below:


Gleni S.r.l.

Via Risorgimento n° 43

63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)


WARNING: Gleni strongly recommends that you use express services for transportation or any other method of transport that can track the location of our goods.


•Goods that have been personalized for the client in cut, size and special lengths or in efforts made to customize the product purchased by the customer, can not be returned.

• Insurance costs and those relating to the transport of the object returned, including the costs incurred by Gleni for the request of CITES documents are on behalf of the customer. Since exotic leather goods are of high value and prestige, special customs control procedures are performed on the product, so, even custom duties charges during the return are on customer’s behalf, including costs of customs clearance in Italy, identifying the receipt by Gleni of the returned goods.

The customer is solely responsible for any loss or theft of returned objects during the journey until Gleni takes receipt of them.

• For returned goods of considerable value, the customer must negotiate directly with Gleni for the involvement of a trusted courier who will collect the goods being delivered. In this case, the transport and insurance costs are on the customer’s behalf even if charged to Gleni, who will recover them by subtracting them from the refund amount owing.

• Any mistakes in the return of a cancelled order are equivalent to losing the reimbursement of expenses.
•  All the goods available on gleniboutique.com at a DISCOUNTED price are not subject to any return, refund or substitution policy



Once we have received the returned goods and we have verified their integrity, we will undertake to refund you the paid sum within 30 days.

The customer will be refunded in accordance with the regulations established by the Consumer Code D.S. n° 206 dated 6 September 2005



Legal notice is pursuant to Legislative Decree no. No. 206/05 (Consumer Code):

Purchases made on our website , as with every other purchase made at a distance, by phone or by mail, because they take place outside ordinary trade spaces, are protected by the Legislative Decree dated 6 September 2005 (already Legislative Decree n. 185 dated 22 May 1999) which allow the buyer to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Assistance services and existing commercial guarantees

Gleni operators are always available to solve any problem or uncertainty. Just contact them via e-mail at gleni@gleni.it or at the telephone number +39 0735 657565, during our office hours (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 9.00 am to 13.00 pm and from 17.00 pm to 20 pm; Tuesday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 17.00 pm to 20.00 pm; Saturday from 17.00 to 20.00 pm. All Italian time).

If specifically requested by the customer, it’s possible, in principle, to make personalizations, on the products you are interested in purchasing.

Gleni assures you of the perfect quality of the leather used to manufacture the items available on the website, which are provided with the complete certification necessary for the trade of exotic leathers according to international regulations. Items are entirely hand made and they are 100% made in Italy.

Gleni offers its customers a specialist repair service, in case any item bought from our gleniboutique.com needs any retouching work, after prolonged use.

Repair and shipping costs must be paid by the customer.

Requests for repair for external items not produced by Gleni will not be considered.

We remind you that, exotic leather being a very prestigious leather, Gleni invites all its customers to make appropriate use of the purchased products, with all due attention to caring for the leather appropriately.


Gleniboutique.com agrees to not transmit under any circumstances to third parties any information provided by its clients during the process of registration to the website, except only what is strictly necessary for the completion of the purchase.

More specific information concerning our privacy policy is available at the following link: http://www.gleniboutique.com/help.php?section=business
Company’s name

Boutique Address 


Gleni S.r.l.

Via Risorgimento n° 43

63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)


P.I. 01654630449


Legal residence


Gleni S.r.l.

Via Risorgimento n° 43

63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)


P.I. 01654630449


By using the website, the customer assumes full responsibility for any risks specific to its use. Gleni is not considered responsible for any error or printing problems on the website or for any other text connected to it.

The website gleniboutique.com is not considered responsible for damages or direct and indirect losses, also including damages concerning the loss of profit or income.

The website gleniboutique.com has no misleading intentions for what concerns the use, the discovery and the info-communication.

All the published information on the website may show technical errors or other kinds of errors, printing inaccuracies included.

The Gleni company can, at its own discretion, modify the information available on the website, in order to improve or correct any possible error.

The above-indicated rejection of responsibility by the company is also applied to all the modifications and amendments of the website concerning the care, the completeness and the benefit of all the offers, announcements, services, goods and of all the other information available on the website which might confer a mutual responsibility.

Gleni does not guarantee any uninterrupted operation of the website, the absence of possible errors and their correction in any way.


Laws and jurisdiction

Any use other than that specified, any interpretation or violation of the contract electronically signed by the customer and by Gleni is subject to penalties, as required by the Italian law.

Any dispute between the above parties shall be taken to a court of law at the legal address or residence of the customer (if on Italian territory). If the customer is registered or resides outside Italy the dispute shall be taken to a court of law and judged through the legal process.


If for any reason any part of the above terms and conditions becomes irrelevant or inapplicable, the remaining part shall be deemed in full effect and may not be declared null and void.