Membership levels

What are the various Membership Levels?

Gleni Boutique offers its users, both private customers and wholesalers, the option of 3 different Membership Levels when they register.
During the registration process, or at a later date in their Profile, each user can request to be assigned to a specific level, by selecting the relevant box.

Why should you become a Member?

This additional Membership application has been designed especially because here at Gleni we really care about our customers needs, and we wanted to create an easier, simpler and clearer way for customers to browse through our site.
Applying for a specific level, during your initial registration, or later on � for those that have already registered with us � will simplify your surfing on our Gleni Boutique website, so that you can easily find all the special offers and proposals that apply to each Level,  and so to each group of customers.

What are the various Membership groups and how do they work?
At the moment, the Membership Levels available when you register with Gleni Boutique are three:



This level is assigned automatically by the system to every customer on registration, so you don't need to do anything further. In this Level, the customer will be able to see every offer and discount applied by Gleni Boutique to single items, those advertised in the Special Offers page, as well as the 5% discount for wire transfer payments and the other percentage discounts applied on purchases of two or more items at the same time.
This Level is the only one that is assigned automatically by the system upon registration.



WHOLESALE: All our wholesale customers can request to be assigned to this Level, as well as all those who are interested in purchasing not just one or more single items, but who wish to place a wholesale order. Assignment to this Level is not automatic but requires the Gleni Boutique administrator's acceptance.


If you want to be assigned to this level, it is an essential requirement to indicate your company's business VAT Identification Number in the special �Note� box, otherwise it is impossible for the system to identify you as a wholesaler.


Once assigned to this Membership group, the user will be able to view our entire range of goods displaying their wholesale prices instead of their retail prices. Obviously, all Special Offers and discounts reserved for private customers � those registered at the Simple Level � will no longer be visible or applicable.


Each member of the Wholesale Level can place a wholesale order, as long as the following conditions are respected:

- for ostrich and python items, a minimum order of 10 assorted bags or shoes is required, or 20 assorted small leather accessories. Customers may, at our discretion, order a smaller quantity (no less than 6/7 items), by choosing, in this case too, the PRE-ORDER option as method of payment; the customer will be immediately contacted by our administrator who will communicate the acceptance or not of the order in question;

- for crocodile items, Gleni will consider the acceptance or not of the order at our own discretion, so we suggest that ourcustomer should place an order by way of the PRE-ORDER method of payment, so that the administrator can make a decision on the order in question.


Once the wholesaler has placed his chosen items in the cart, he needs to confirm the request by clicking on the PRE-ORDER button, so that the administrator can consider his request and analyze it in detail.

Clicking on PRE-ORDER button does NOT mean that an actual order has been placed. It simply means that the wholesaler has chosen some items from our Gleni Boutique that he is interested in buying Once the customer clicks on the PRE-ORDER button, the electronic system will see these items as no longer available for immediate purchase by other customers (no matter whether they are wholesalers or private customers). This status will then be carefully taken into consideration by the administrator, who has the right to decide whether to accept the wholesale purchase request or reject it. This decision is taken bearing in mind that Gleni Boutique is an online shop primarily created for our private customers, who will always be given precedence on the purchase of items available in the shop.


When, after a careful analysis by the administrator, the wholesaler�s purchase request is accepted, the administrator will prepare an official proforma invoice detailing all the costs (shipping costs included) and send it to the wholesaler, proposing the payment of the goods listed by wire transfer or via credit card. The wholesale customer, at this point, will have three working days at his disposal to either confirm his order and pay for it, or to cancel it.


However, please do remember that Gleni Boutique has been created as an online shop specifically for our private customers, who will always be given priority over wholesalers in the event that the same item is requested by both parties.

We have introduced this special service as an extra option to help those wholesalers who need to place an order quickly and receive it almost immediately, without waiting the normal 40-60 working days for made-to-order goods.


For this reason, every wholesale order received through Gleni Boutique will be evaluated by the administrator who, if the above conditions are not respected, or for whatever other reason, reserves the right to cancel the order outright, or else to request changes to the order.


We remind you once more that items placed in the shopping cart will not be considered as a confirmed order, until the administrator authorizes the purchase request for goods available in Gleni Boutique at their wholesale price, and processes the request itself into an actual order by sending an official proforma invoice.






This is a special Level that Gleni Boutique specifically reserves for our most devoted customers, who will receive really VIP treatment! This is also a non-automatic Level, meaning that it needs the administrator�s approval for you to be awarded membership. In this Level, each customer will receive personalized treatment based on their tastes, preferences and needs which we have learned to recognize and satisfy from previous purchases. Extra-special discounts will be displayed in specific categories, on handbags, shoes and accessories, even more competitive than those available to regular customers, and members will have the chance to receive free accessories, matching the purchase.

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