10 reasons to choose GLENI

Gleni - Luxury exotic leather1. Because, despite modern machines which speed production times and increase product quantity, replacing people themselves, when choosing a GLENI product, you choose the passion and tradition of Italian craftsmanship and, above all, the experience of a craftsman.

2. Because you choose the quality assurance of a product manufactured entirely in Italy with the finest quality of raw materials.

3. Because you choose a product made with leather certified by Cites, thus an ecologically sustainable product, which serves in its own way, the protection of endangered species. Therefore, you choose a product safe for nature, as well as the merchant, as well as for you.

4. Because for every purchase, you may choose the assistance of our operators always trained on the matter, attentive to your requests, your desires, and sincere. They will answer any questions about the product, provide you with pictures and additional information, they will follow through up to the delivery of the order, ensuring your satisfaction.

5. Because you choose a “timeless” product, a product that has not been modelled by the current trend, a product that will last a lifetime without ever becoming outdated.

6. Because you choose a product created as a unique piece as not one of our bags is ever the same as another.

7. Because the product that you see in the photo is exactly what will arrive to your home, given the fact that every piece is unique.

8. Because if you have found the model of your dreams, but do not like the color or the leather used, we can reproduce it as you wish it to be.

9. Because our models are truly different from each other, to suit every style and every occasion.

10. Because the shipping is secure: not only is it insured and trackable, but one of our staff will be monitoring it until the moment of delivery.